Another reason to not shop Cabelas

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  1. I understand the benefit of convenience and not having to fight traffic to shop in person. But all the package delivery companies bake a fuel surcharge into their rates. Whether you put fuel in your own tank or UPS or FedEx puts it in theirs, you're still the one paying for it. There's no free lunch in life.

  2. After my most recent visit to Cabela's I realized I do have one gripe with them. I'm SICK of their employees pushing their visa card. I think their card should come with a shirt that identifies those of us who already have one. That way we wouldn't be bothered constantly to sign up.
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  3. Typically these types of problems are a result of extreamly week training. These problems should addressed be at the top.
  4. Weak training... or thorough training? I'm with Cupo'. A simple no isn't even heard by their cashiers. They proceed to try and make you feel stupid by for not taking them up on their generous offer of a $20 savings if you sign up for the card. I've shopped there twice and only because I could buy a couple new Viento's for $79/each and some .22 mags that are hard to find.

    When asked for my phone number I gave them my standard 425.555.1212 answer. Dude punched it in but teller across the way looked at me all disgusted like and said he could be fired if he was caught putting in a false number. I politely asked if I could borrow her number for the purchase.

    Ted's, Sportco and the like, will continue to get my business.
  5. You must be famous as I see that number popping up a lot on TV shows.
  6. I only order stuff from their website or catalog, if I can't find comparable or cheaper prices closer to home or elsewhere on the internet. Round-trip driving to their nearest store (Lacey) cost me more than $20 in gas, the one time I went. They are currently offering $5 flat-rate shipping.
    I found a long-sleeve UPF t-shirt by Columbia that isn't too expensive, and my "points" nearly have it covered!
    I usually only purchase stuff from Cabela's thats on sale or marked down. I think that their regular list prices are kind of high.
    I can order higher quality fly-tying materials from Waters West, if I need to order any. Usually, I just wait until I'm driving thru Port Angeles, so I can stop in the store and browse.
  7. Kent, I wonder if all the driving the UPS and FedX drivers do on their routes (presumably at a higher rate of fuel consumption than most passenger vehicles) cancels out all the gas that isn't burned by drivers who choose not to drive in, but instead order from the catalog or online? Of course, I'm sure that the truck that makes it out to the beach isn't loaded only with Cabelas gear. My package might be in the very small minority.

    I don't get any exclusive "in-store" deals, but since I usually only order stuff when its on sale, I think I am winning at the pump by not driving in.
    I have managed to cut my driving down to less than 8,000 miles per year.
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  8. Our business uses UPS WorldShip to send orders across the country. Every morning when I fire it up, the software automatically loads up the days recalculation for fuel surcharges. While it costs less in fuel to ship one package from say Cabelas tan it would either of us to drive there, all those packages loaded into a Brown truck every day do add up to some substantial fuel costs.

    BTW, my 1998 Ranger just turned 108,000 miles, just over 8,000 per year. Sometimes several days go by without even firing it up.

  9. I've known guys who worked there - most quit. They have to push the cards to keep their jobs.

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