Another Rookie looking to get in the game

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by brklynELKchaser, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Seems like many others Santa also brought me my first 2 handed rod this year. I am currently located in the Moscow/Pullman area and looking for someone nearby who might be able to teach myself and a buddy the basics of spey casting. Hoping to fish the Ronde a bit this season with the new rod but I would really like to get the casting down first. Any help for a beginner is much appreciated.
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    I would touch base with Poppy at The Red Shed in Peck, Idaho. He'll know some guide/casting instructor in the area that will save you months/years of frustration. Plus, Poppy's one of the best.
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  3. Idaho steel Active Member

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    P.M. sent...
  4. hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

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    speypages is a great resource also. 100% 2 handed site.
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  5. Dave Evans Active Member

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    I will send you a PM. I had the same question and Poppy put me in touch with a guy in Lewiston who is fantastic. Retired teacher who, using Poppy's term, is one of the jedi's!
  6. Phil Fravel Friendly

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    Buy Skagit Master 1
  7. Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

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    Welcome to the forum fellow rookie.
  8. rwbailey05 GO COUGS

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    Don't catch a steelhead on the two hander... you'll be screwed for life. Your friends will look at you funny as you swing and step through a run over and over again, your family will wonder why your fishing in the middle of winter when its 5 degrees outside, and your wife or significant other will wonder why you spend so much money on all these "Feathers!"

    But you'll know why... and trust me once you get that first TUG you'll be hooked.

    I am far from a JEDI, as many on this forum can attest to. But somehow I manage to hook fish on our local rivers with the spray pole, and its easily my favorite way to catch fish. Welcome to the game brother.
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  9. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Truer words were never writ: it's a disease.
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  10. Mike (Doc) LaCombe Member

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    With a two hander it took me 9 months to get the first tug. 3 hours later I hooked and landed my first wild steelhead on the swing. For the last two years I still have a smile pasted on my face.
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    rwbailey05....this is not the worst curse....The worse curse is when your wife understands and participates with you. Your costs double (at least) and she doesn't care what things cost. The best advice you can give the man is not on rods but to not get married so he can afford the gear he likes....
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  12. rwbailey05 GO COUGS

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    Jim my wife has caught 3 fish on a fly rod... all little trout. She decided quickly that she would rather watch me fish and sunbathe. In the end it was a win for me, I got to catch trout in Northern Idaho and check out a babe in a bikini anytime I turned around! ILL TAKE IT!
  13. FT Active Member

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    I'm glad my wife likes to fly fish for exactly the reason you mentioned, she doesn't get upset at what good stuff costs. And although she has no desire to learn to tie flies, she doesn't get upset with me when I pick up a dozen GP crests, a few hundred to a thousand hooks, more fly lines, another reel, a new high-end rod or blank or spend money on hard to find materials for classic feather wing salmon flies. I feel very fortunate to have a wife who likes to fly fish and who understands why I like high-end rods and quality tying materials.
  14. fredaevans Active Member

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    To quote: "The tug is the drug."
  15. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    this is for all the timid single guys out there,Does she have any single sisters?