Another Rufus Woods Report

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by Maverick, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Fun trip cold with snow, fish were biting but it took some work. The wind really slowed things but when it stopped blowing they started biting.

    From two to five pounds, average 18.5 inch, largest 22.

    a few pictures attached
  2. Nice, I have GOT to get the kids up there...they' pee themselves with fish like that :)
  3. hey cowboy looks like a lot of fun, i hope you kept that fish ........
    doesn't look like a stocker triploid from the pic.

    if not, take some lessons from your friend in the red jacket on how to not kill fish when you hold them with your finger in the gills ......
  4. Jason,
    What about that fish doesn't look like a stocker besides the intact adipose? Note the dorsal and caudal fins rubbed to nothing as well as the deformed gill plate. Looks like it grew up surrounded by concrete walls to me.

    Btw, thanks for the report, It looks cold..... bet the wind was nasty.
  5. Yep a keeper, thanks for the advice.
  6. Good catch there Mav.
    A few years back my son caught a native RB out of Rufus. We were very surprised.
    Back in the power bait days so we bonked it right along with the hatcher catch.
  7. Thanks Gary,

    All of the fish we caught on the trip had some kind of obvious pen deformaties, most common was a injured gill plate, but also chewed fins excetra. The fish we caight up river from the dam were more colorful but still had deformaties. I guess that I am not otherwise expierenced enough to know the difference between the planters and "wild fish".

  8. Rufus is a big lake/res you could catch just about anything with the right bait.
    Burbot, sturgeon, Nessy?
    From you guys frozen smiles, it looks like you could catch a cold.
  9. Funny you mention the cold, we both caught one of those too. But it was fun. Not a lot of places where big "bows" can be caught so consistantly. Makes a road trip worth while. But I would rather catch naitive fish, even smaller ones any day of the week.

    Good fishin,


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