NFR Antelope And Deer Mounts Back From Taxidermy

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  1. Off season for hunting so thought I would post

    Recieved my antelope and deer from taxidermist.

    Antelope had a lot of character ( scars, big cutter big body) so thought would like a mount

    Same for the wt deer. Huge bodied older deer but the antlers were regressing.

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  2. Those will look great on the wall for sure...
  3. That antelope has SOME thickness, many battles for the ladies I'll bet. And the deer is outstanding, both are going to bring back images for you every time you look at them. How about a narrative to go with each? I'm interested in hearing the stories behind these great animals.
  4. Both those look great... That buck is nice! If he was regressing he musta been a bruiser in his prime.
  5. Niiiiiiiice!! Waiting for my elk and bear now, sometime in May I should be getting them.
  6. Nice!!
    The antelope must have been a real fighter.
    Really nice buck.
  7. You're like a woman showing a little cleavage, just enough to get someone interested but never knowing the full story. So did you hit them with your truck or is there an exciting story/hunt associated with each of them? Or they might be squinting from the spotlight just before the shot, it's hard to tell from the photos. Seriously, I would like to hear the stories of the hunt. I guess I'll have to hear them the next time we chat.
  8. what?

    And give-up my secret spots? lol

    I put in for MT deer this deer. If drawn plan on going back and chasing a BIG MT Muley I passed on last year.I mean BIG! About a sixhour hike up a mountain.

    Uptown you need to pick up a MT doe tag this year and can help you fill it
  9. That doe is as good as dead.

    See, now a six hour hike up a mountain and passing on a huge muley is just "buck teasing". I want to see (hear) the whole thing and I'm still waiting to hear about that slug of an antelope. He's been in more brawls than Roper and Alex probably put together.

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