Antique Gear and Antique Whisky

Discussion in 'Events' started by miyawaki, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Here's a reminder of all I've got going this Saturday:

    The antique fly fishing gear exhibition will begin at 11am.

    Larry Peterson and Dwight Lyons will appraise your old gear.

    The Glenmorangie whisky tasting and food pairings will go from 1pm to 4pm.

    (You will need a copy of this post to do the whisky)

    Ryan Harder will be singing the blues.

    All trout flies will be only $1 each.

    Test drive the new Helios rod. "The lightest fly rod made."

    Test drive the new Clearwater II rod. "At less than $200 and the Orvis warranty, the best deal in fly fishing."

    $25 off $50 coupons to everyone.

    Free raffle tickets for special gifts from Glenmorangie

    Hope to see you all,

    911 Bellevue Way NE
  2. How long will Larry and Dwight be there? I've got another event to go to in the morning but should be there about 2pm at the latest.

  3. Kent,

    I've scheduled them until 5:30. We close at 6. This is the best excuse for drinking on the job!

    See you there,

  4. I don't leave the Island much, but this event should be well worth the ferry ride. See you there.
  5. Who needs an excuse! Seriously, I'll be there early to mid-afternoon with all my cane rods. I can't wait to find out how much I overpaid for them, hence the whiskey!

  6. Wow! Thanks to all you guys who came out with your old rods, reels and fishing paraphernalia. It was pretty cool to see you all jawing, drinking and tossing bull. I believe the biggest surprise was the reel that was purchased for a buck at a garage sale that turned out to be worth $450!

    Ryan Harder is one of helluva bluesman, by the way. If any of you have an opportunity to hear him somewhere, go do it.

    Also, thanks for helping me drink all that whisky . . .

  7. Great event.....I stopped by for about an hour and got some great deals as well....can't go wrong with trout flies for a buck
  8. My was great to see some old faces and meet some new ones. Thanks Leland
  9. Great event and I want to give special thanks to the casting instructor that allowed me to cast a variety of rods and now I can't wait until my Helios comes in!!
  10. Any plans to host another similar event in the near future Leland? Besides forgetting to bring three rods, by the time I finished visiting with Larry and Dwight, the whiskey was packed up and the music done.

  11. Great event guys! It was fun meeting some new and old friends! Great music too, btw! And glad I could help out with the scotch... :thumb:
  12. *sigh*

    I'm really bummed that I got screwed out of going down to this event. But family obligations reared their ugly head. Missed the whisky, missed the coupon, and missed meeting a few folks from the board.

  13. We will definitely do this or something like it again. For sure whisky tasting will be a part. As for you, we should have had the pours for you to have later. Oh well, next time. Thanks for coming, I know Dwight and Larry had a kick out seeing all the stuff that crawled out of everyone's closet.

  14. maybe next we can do cigars instead of wiskey?!
  15. Although I already know the value and history of my rods and reels so there was no need to bring them and I didn't want whiskey, I still enjoyed the visit.
    There was a case of nice old reels with some early Pflueger, Shakespear and Meisselbach skeleton reels that were fun to look at and handle.

    Doing this again in an expanded version would be great.

  16. Wish I could have stuck around longer but I had the greenlight from the boss to go fish. Thanks for the majic pack of hooks Leland! I got to see my backing for the first time in a while. :beer2: That Helios looks sweet. :cool:

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