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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by STGKlopp, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. STGKlopp

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    I got a Cabela's LSi 12'6" 7wt Spey for Christmas. I have a TFO 9wt reel that should work but I'm lost when it comes to what line I need to get me on the river. I'm leaning towards Rio's Unispey with the Versi tip and powerflex shooting line. Any thoughts for fishing the Stilliguamish and like rivers?
  2. Danielocean

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    Welcome fellow rookie. For swinging for steelhead I highly suggest using a skagit head, and mow medium tips ( t-11). I already researched your rod because I was interested in them at one point. Go to your local fly shop and purchase a Rio Skagit Max 525grain skagit head, and a 10' foot section of Rio Mow tip t-11, or just get the whole medium mow tip set. This is what I should have done in the first place because I now have all the tips in that set anyway and could have saved money. Make sure you throw 30lb backing on that reel, and get yourself a spool on 10lb fluorocarbon. OH........some flies too that always helps. If you have any more questions feel free to pm me I would be happy to help.
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    I think that's a nice rod. I don't have one, but I did fondle one at Cabela's last year. I agree with Daniel regarding a Skagit head, but I lean toward the lighter end of the grain window for most rods. I'm partial to about 450 gr for most 7 wt Spey rods. Nothing against MOW tips; I just don't have any. For simplicity, and because they cast well and work for me, I like RIO 15' sink tips in Type III and VI to cover most situations. I'm not familiar with your reel, so I have no idea if it's large enough to hold enough backing, shooting line, and head.

    My thoughts about the Stilliguamish are that it's a nice river that sees too few steelhead returning to it these days. But your rod would be a good match to the Stilly and most rivers in this region.

  4. STGKlopp

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    Thanks for the quick diverse responses. I know the LSi is not a top of the line Spey rod but you have to start somewhere. From what I've read, the Skagit head will throw the heavier sink tips and flies. I might even be able to use it on lake Michigan for Browns and Bows. The tips and shooting line sort of look like preference. I can see the benefit to both so I see me trying several before I find what works best for me. Growing up fishing in Wisconsin and knocking ice out of my guides before every cast the cold really doesn't affect me much so it opens up the shooting line options. Seems like tips depend on river depth, current speed and how far down you want to fish. At any rate I cant wait to get out and try this.
  5. NateTreat

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    The LSi rods work great. I agree with Sg, the lighter end of the spectrum on a Skagit head. The MOW tips are nice, with solid loop to loop. Your TFO reel will work well, I run that reel with my 7wt. I've caught a lot of fish on that very rod, and it fishes just fine. I favor the shorter, heavier tips in a lot of the water I fish, but I carry the kit everywhere and fish accordingly. The stilly likes purple and black, especially the lower, muddier section. Keep it simple, and you'll get one.
  6. Darthmonkey

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    I'll be honest with you, 90% of time when fishing Puget Sound rivers you are not going to be faced with incredibly difficult casting scenarios, nor are you going to be needing excessively heavy sinking tips. Hence why more and more folks are moving away from Skagit heads with tungsten sink tips, and more towards Scandi heads or traditional lines. The fact is you aren't going to need T14 or T11 to get your fly in the face of the fish, most of the runs are pretty straightforward and have acres of space to form ginormous D loops. However, a 12'6" rod is not ideal for mid-belly or even short head spey lines.
    That being said if I was the guy behind the counter I'd say that 47lbs Varivas shooting line, Scientific Anglers Skagit Extreme Intermediate head (480 or 520 grains) and the Rio Type 3 + Type 6 sinking tips should be the line package you go with if you want the good stuff.
  7. Danielocean

    Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

    See all the options bro? Have fun. LOL
  8. rwbailey05

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    Go to Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek. They will line ya up nice and get you all set up on flies too.

    Another plus is they have some great deals on some gear right now, or at least they did when i was still back with the rents around the new year!
  9. pacific fly fishers will let you test any head in one of there super duper kits from rio i believe.

    i agree on the above, you really don't need t-14, most of our rivers aren't like the umpqua
  10. STGKlopp

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    Really appreciate all the advice. Like i said I'm a Spey Virgin for lack of better terms. I single hand fly fish everything from small Wisconsin trout streams with a 3wt to Pike fishing with a 9/10 wt. I can manipulate fly line well but as a humble beginner in the world of Spey I need ease of casting with decent range capability. I'm going to swing by Pacific Fly Fishers and see what they have to say. Again, thank you all for the advice.

  11. Danielocean

    Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

    Take ur rod and reel with you.
  12. STGKlopp

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    I planned on it. the reel already has 30lb backing. I have a 9/10 wt I fish pike and muskie with.... Now thats fun!
  13. Jordy Jordan

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    I am in the same boat you are Jeremy. I've just been introduced to Spey fishing and bought a rod from a friend over the weekend. I can't tell you anything about line selection yet but I can tell you that the "Skagit Master" series with Ed Warder are great videos to help you learn the fundamentals of several casting styles - if you can find them.
  14. KJPhotos

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    I really appreciate all the advice on this thread!

    This has been my first winter steelheading season. After 4 trips out so far with my single hander, today I borrowed/started learning to use a buddies spey rod.. and what do you know.. My first ever steelhead! Im offically fucked haha
  15. Danielocean

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    I'm seriosly considering taking up knitting. Good job on your first chrome.
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  16. God hates u dan
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    I know, he gave me you as a friend.
  18. STGKlopp

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    I stopped by Pacific Fly Shop. They set me up with Airflow Skagit compact 510 gr. I'm going to pick running line tomorrow. I do have another question about leaders. I have a set of sink tips but do you tie tippet to that or run a tapered leader?
  19. Danielocean

    Danielocean Steelhead Virgin

    You just run straight tippet.
  20. James Waggoner

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    Better to nail knot, assuming no loop in the tip end, 18 to 24" of 20# mono leader, add a perfection loop. This way you can easily add or change tippet material. I typically use 12# tippet material in the winter and some times 15#, no longer than 3'.