Any body fishes the ECHO 3 ?

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  1. I am interested in this new line of spey rods from Echo. I wonder if any body here have casted them? what is the action compare to others? Thanks.
  2. funny that you would post that video, I borrowed Jay's 6127 yesterday for a test drive. Echo's description of "fast-ish" is accurate. I tested it head-to-head against my old Sage 6126-3 Euro. In that comparison, the Echo3 has an ever-just-so-slightly lighter tip, a bit stronger mid, and much stronger butt. Smooth taper throughout, but didn't transfer feel into the hand as well as I like, probably that butt strength. You can cast lightly or "whack" the Echo fairly hard, and that strength was an asset throwing a shorthead spey line. With skagit/scandi shooting heads, I found the Sage developed more line speed with less effort. The taper of the Echo3 was somewhat reminiscent of the TFO Deer Creek 13' 7/8, very versatile, but noticably better graphite, recovery, and lightness. This would be a great all-season rod for short shooting heads.
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  3. Great information! Steve,
    Thank you!! From your description, it seems the new Echo 3 are faster action than the TR, which should be more "snappier". I am not a big fan of strong butt section (read: scandinavian rod), but always appreciate the fast recovery material. I have casted the TFO DC 7/8 and really impressed by it's good feel.

    BTW, I always enjoy Jay's videos! :)
  4. Though I didn't cast aside a TR, the Echo3 that I tried actually struck me as having a stronger tip and softer mid, being more "loadable" into the mid than the TR and definitely more line speed with less effort. I might place the Echo3 flex profile somewhat in between the Decho (borrows the top half) and TR (borrows the bottom half), but way more zip than either
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  5. I've been wondering about that rod to sit opposite my Sage 6126 as my short belly spey 6wt, for the 5/6 nextcast. I'd like some additional length over my T&T 1206.
  6. Trevor, I threw the Nextcast 45' 5/6 on the Echo3 6127. A fine match for a deeply loaded rod.
  7. ...but you feel like you can hit it quite a bit harder than the Sage? If so, sounds interesting. It's been on my short list of candidates.
  8. Thanks Steve,

    I wasn't reading the previous too quick and for some reason thought they are more stiffer than the TR (it should be the Sage 6126). I never casted the old Sage 6126, but did the 5120 before, it was a really surprisingly soft rod.

    I wonder if you are familiar with the Beulah Platinum 7132. It seem this rod fit the category of what you just described here to the Echo3 6127...
  9. I tossed my Platinum 7132 in the same session as the Echo3 6127, to compare directly (both with a Nextcast FF45'). The Platinum and Echo3 are very similar in the top of the rod, the Echo3 has maybe a bit more flex in the mid, and is certainly a little stronger in the butt. The graphite performance (weight/recovery) is similar.

    Though I don't own a Platinum 6126, I've thrown one on several occasions, and would guess it is maybe 1/3 line weight less powerful than the Echo3 6127
  10. Great information! Steve,

    Echo3 sounds like has a fantastic action I like. mid action and progressive.
    Too bad the local shop did not carry them...:( otherwise I will be able to test it.

    As a side note, the new Loomis NRX and Sage ONE are on the same band wagon. midfast-action, progressive and lightening fast recovery. I am thinking to get the sage ONE 9140 to replace the TCX 7126. feel similar lightness in hands, but has the advantage of longer leverage.
  11. I have the E3 6127 and the 7130, and just spent the last 5 days fishing the 7130 about 15 hours a day. The rod is snappy as hell and is easily overloaded if you try to muscle your casts or use too much top-hand. It is crispy as all get-out with an Airflo skagit compact 450/12' t-10, and it was moving everything from 3" unweighted smolt to 8" stringleeches with minimal change in stroke and effort. IMO, it is a "true" 7, so think light and fast.
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  12. The 8134 has become my winter skagit rod. I have been fishing it since March and got to say it's a cannon for chucking grains and large flies. I fixed it up with a Airflo 570 and have used a 600 on it as well. I am not sure if I will try a scandi on it, but plan on putting a Fall Fav and Rage on it.
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  13. You`ll want to at least give it a shot . I spent some time with that rod and a compact scandi (not sure which weight head) at the M&Y Clave in April , and was mightily impressed .
  14. Thanks Mike,
    I haven't think about the 8 weight. Will have to give it a try...

    Tim Rajeff is coming to Boston next week. I will be able to cast a bunch of them, I will ask him about the graphite and taper design on this series. will report back.

  15. Mark, I might know where you can get a test drive.

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