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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by earlsmith, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I would appreciate your feedback on the anchor system I have seen on the Southfork and Bronco. I have a 10 yr old Southfork w the welded stainless frame. Since the toon was made, I see they have an additional two arm set up that slips into the frame at the rear and supplies an elevated anchor pully.
    PROS or CONS from the guys who have this set up (I do alot of river fishing and like to anchor off, but built a new wood slat platform for the rear and the anchor pully I incorporated is quite low. It functions well enough, but can drag when in shallow water. Is it sturdy enough to handle a 12 to 15 lb anchor, what do you guys use for an anchor and what is the weight range?


    Earl Smith
  2. 8' is too small to anchor in any current so it's pointless.
  3. I have the factory system that you describe for my Southfork, with a 10lb anchor. It works great for stillwaters, but I agree with cupohoodle, I wouldn't use it on moving water for any reason. If I am getting out to work the bank, I pull the boat up on dry land. You could use the anchor to hold the boat on the bank after you get out, but I would not anchor in moving water and fish from the boat. Not on a boat that small. So when used appropriately, I think it is great. I hope that helps.
  4. I have an older Southfork 8' and I'll bet I haven't used the anchor more than a few times. And those were in a lake just to hold in position when there was a little wind. The only time I think you'd use it in a river would be in a big slow moving pool, certainly not in a current. People under estimate the power of moving water, if the anchor were to get stuck in some rocks, which does happen, keep a knife handy! It could easily pull you over.

    Jim J
  5. I have a Southfork w/ the anchor system, and I anchored it once in moving water.... never again. The boat moved side-to-side, and felt like the back ends of the poontoon would submarine. Now I use the anchor exclusively for holding steady in windy lakes. That being said, the anchor pully works well.
  6. It certainly isn't for dropping anchor in current. Backeddies and slower water are fine. A slow pool with no shore access that you want to wade.

    Sometimes there isn't a bank to pull up on (Deschutes), and sometimes the water is rising (Skagit). Sometimes you want to pull up shallow and wait for the rest of your party. That's when this anchor system is nice to have.
  7. I would just agree with the others and, as a result, have not bothered with an anchor system. I just get out to fish, and it works great. After a while you just adapt and it becomes second nature.
  8. I am in the minority I float the Kootenai and CF often in my South Fork and and have used the anchor often when fighting a fish or wrking a seam and have felt totally secure doing it. Of course I never drop it in faster than walking speed current and I cary a Knife just in case the 15lb pyramid shaped anchor gets stuck. Its a great system and I have total confidence in it.
  9. Hello Earl,
    I have a Buck's Bronco, 8 ft., w/SS frame and have never used the anchor system. Be really careful using an anchor in moving water on any pontoon boat...seen and heard of folks get in trouble doing this:eek: .

  10. Thank you to all that have weighed in. The add on is about $80 bucks and I was trying to decide if it's worth it. I have anchored up in moving water lots of times w no problems, I can see the concerns of carrying a knife and all. and some of the waffling you folks have mentioned tends to be alleviated in my experience with a longer anchor rope, I have never lost an anchor, or felt like I was in any danger, i have also mounted a pully up near the stirrup as to make pullling the anchor breeze, the anchor lock and forward pully are a single unit bolted to the frame, it works well. I have a 16 foot jon boat as well, but use it only where motors are allowed, any other instance, I'm on foot or in the pontoon boat.

    Thanks for the thumbs up from those of you that use it.

    Earl Smith
  11. I think the biggest thing is knowing when to anchor, and when not to! Safety first!! I just purchased a 11ft Buck's Bronco Xtreme and can't wait to get her wet! I am sure it will anchor differently than my db. It's going to be fun!!


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