Any Chum at Minter Creek, Chambers Creek, or Chico Creek

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Any Chum coming in. They are showing up in the Skoke but I have not checked out Minter, Chambers, or Chico yet. Any fish.
  2. saw one jump at chico last week
  3. uh, Minter doesn't open for another week, but when it does its gonna be a complete zoo.
  4. Checked out Minter today. No signs of fish.
  5. I've never heard of Chambers, time to break out my maps. I have a friend that swears by Minter Creek, but I've never fished there. This year I should make it that way. Chico is close to work, so I stop there every now and then. I think there has been a thread or two about Chico action, some days more anglers than fish, but there are a few here and there.
  6. Mumbles,

    If you plan to go to Minter I would advise knowledge of a little foreighn language (perferably Russian), a hard helmit, safty glasses, and a bullet proof vest might come in handy for when people set the hook so hard their pencil lead comes flying out of the water. At lower tides its an elbow to elbow fishery of snagging and flossing chums in a creek that is 25ft wide and has hundreds of chum that are literally stacked in the "holes" the size of bathtubs.

    However at higher tides its a little more ethical due to the fact there is a lot more water and the fish are way more spread out.
  7. Jake my friend, thanks for the advice. I have found a way of carving my own space, I practiced it with great success on the Skok, flail fly casting a heavy fly past a few guys heads and they will give up some of that precious space. I happen to like wandering out in a local estuary away from the masses, maybe there are less fish where I'm standing compared to the other guys, but I'm there to fish, not to put food on the table. That allows me the luxury of working on my feeble skills.
  8. The minter run is usually later. Opens November 1st. I go out with my cellphone and WDFW enforcement on speed dial when I venture out there.

    Truly a sad sight to see what those fish go through there!!!
  9. funny I busted a guy at Minter with spinning gear with a 10lb silver last year Oct, he thought I was the game warden, I was wearing my Simms Loden color fleece jacket and asking detailed questions on his fishing, I was just curious. He took off like a rocket, WITH the fish! Hahaha.
  10. Everyone needs to go to Minter at least once for a true flyfishing experience.........
  11. No! I refuse to go there! So there!:p

    The Quilcene a couple of years ago (last time I fished there) was bad enough. I hear this is worse. I never enjoy those crowded scenes. I know places I can go with fewer people. Usually fewer fish around, too, but I hate crowds and run the other way.
  12. Chambers doesn't get many Chum. I fish the estuary and creek quite a bit and there's much better places in the South Sound for chum :)
  13. do they eat the chums?
  14. I hear its the largest run of native chum in the Puget Sound. I heard a guy talk about Chambers Creek, he is a spokes person for the salmon/steelhead habitat for Chambers. He stats that its the largest run.
  15. Minter is in full swing Nov 15-27....I would rather spend my time on the
    Allyn shoreline if I'm going that way...there is room to cast, and fellow flyfisherman that actually have some etiquette(sp?). Minter is such a small muddy place. You can catch the bite in Allyn usually Nov 12 or's actually very productive for about 10 days as the fish take to the hatchery creek or Sherwood at the other end of the bay...
  16. Chambers is junk for chums good for Kings and SRC, but minimal. My mom lives in Oakbrook, 5 minutes from Chambers.
  17. If the Quilcene is better than Minter Creek, I'm out. I fished the Quilcene for several years, I guess after it reopened. I liked the solitude there, but there is no such thing any longer unless you go out into the bay away from everyone else.
  18. Does it count if I go but don't get out of my car?;)
  19. Tom,
    Only if there is enough room in the parking lot to pull a fast u-turn.
  20. WE NEEED RAIN!!!!! I'm getting sooo impatient!

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