Any Chum at Minter Creek, Chambers Creek, or Chico Creek

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  1. Peter,

    I used to live in Oakbrook just above the creek. I walked through the neighbor's yard down into the canyon a number of times and it certainly looked fishy. I couldn't figure out how to fish it. That was before spey rods were widely available. I always assumed that the netting in the estuary removed most of the returning fish.
  2. I sent a friend out to Chico yesterday. I showed him a map of where to stand (flats away from others) and gave him five flies that I had tied up and in my truck. This morning he reports that he fished a couple hours at the end of the day with two hookups and one 12 pound nice looking beast brought to hand and released. I have no idea how others were doing, how many anglers were there or how many fish were in the area, but he hooked up and that made his day.
  3. i was there yesterday during the bright part of the afternoon, it was slow, met Banzai cuz he had a WFF hat and got a spey lesson and quickly humiliated myself.It can only get better.
  4. Notice he said Native. That means there is no hatchery support for chums. Actually less than 15 years ago a rare run of summer run Chums went extinct. It only ran in Chambers creek and now it's gone. I've lived less than 1/4 mile from the creek for over 10 years and rarely see any chum concentrations at all. There's many more chum everywhere else in the South Sound. It also closes fairly early Nov. 15 (?) in both the estuary and the creek itself and that may be before the largest concentrations of chum show up. Of course you can't target salmon in the creek. Also I wouldn't put too much credence in the habitat people- most are relying upon statistics that were compilied during the last survery over 10 years ago. Kings and Coho are both fair in the estuary at different times from August to November though. Good luck!
  5. Aw, thanks for that. I know some fish can be caught.
  6. Brian - I don't remember reading that in the fine print when I bought my 9 wt!!! :eek:

    OK, I'll get out of the car........but you can't make me cast.......
  7. Just checked out the pool as I was driving by Minter - only a handful of fish.
  8. MartyG, was the bank stacked up shoulder to shoulder for that handful of fish?
  9. Still closed. I typically paddle from Purdy to he mouth of Minter and beach fish for them.
  10. are the neighbors cool w/ wading on the shoulders of the bay @ minter?
    seems like a lot of front yards
    heard a guy lost an eye there
    myth or kp reality?
  11. An interesting approach to keep you out of harms way, away from the elbow to elbow action. I like that. Same reason I'm itching to float tube out into the estuary at chico. It's not that I don't like you guys and our brothers the gear fishermen, but I'm a shitty caster and it may be safer for everyone for me to be out away from the crowds.
  12. Can anyone confirm or dispell the presence of boiling chum at Chico? I'm considering another dawn patrol to Chico or some trout water before a day full of meetings and trick or treating.
  13. went by minter today didnt see anything 6:00 pm 30 oct
  14. Went to Chico this morning around 10 and had the best day to date. I had two on that just about spooled me before breaking off. There were a LOT of fish and most fisherman had a ball.

  15. Hey fishfinder, I see you are living at Chico these days. I wandered down in my fancy work duds the other day and you were out in the water about thigh deep. I saw that nifty stripping basket too, looks quite effective. How did you get broken off? Lots of rocks with barnacles on the flats there, maybe you should go up a tippet size or two. Glad you got your line stretched. Maybe I'll run into you again soon.
  16. Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the comments on the basket. I have received a lot of positive input from fellow chum hunters. As far as getting broke off it was more of a self decision. I was well into the backing and these guys were not coming home. So I applied a little pressure to break the tipit. I always add a piece to the leader so I don't have to keep replacing leaders.

    I made a new friend who has been fly fishing for over 60 years. He suggested I try a 9' leader made from 12lb mono. So next time out I will try this instead of a tappered leader.

  17. I've had many tell me to use a level piece of leader material and maybe a short section of one size lighter just to easily tie flies to and replace. Get back at it and let us know how it goes.
  18. Hey Guys,
    I'm new here, so Hi to all. I am a big fan of chico and the chums that stack up in there. I was wondering how the numbers have been? I know people are catching some fish but are they stacked in there already, seems a little early. People that have fished it for years, know what I mean when I say stacked. Last year was awesome, and I was hoping for a similiar year. Nothing more fun than catching chum on a fly rod. Reports would be great, it is a long drive for me, I live in renton, but work in tacoma. I will probably start going out when the reports of 15 day fish is the norm, just too far to drive until then. Also, does minter get going later than chico? I have never fished it but have wanted to. Thanks guys and best of luck to all.
  19. it's slow.........
  20. it's slow.........

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