Any Chum at Minter Creek, Chambers Creek, or Chico Creek

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Mike (Doc) LaCombe Member

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    Mumbles I used a 9' 12lb mono leader this morning, had several hook-ups without any problem. One nice thing in using this leader is that it is easy to get my wind knots out.

  2. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Fishfinder, good to hear. Are you adding any tippet to the terminal end of the level 12# mono leader? You report several hook ups, are the fish increasing in numbers? How many to hand? Did the 12# hold up to the beasts? I usually use a tapered leader in 12# plus a portion of 9# or 10# tippet.
  3. Mike (Doc) LaCombe Member

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    No added tippit. While I was there not to many, but managed to hook up 3 or 4 and brought one to hand with fly in mouth.

  4. Ringlee Doesn't care how you fish Moderator

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    I flew over Minter to check it out and the Indians have a Big Ass net stretched out on the SW side of the Bay. Didn't see any schools from the air. Should be some fish in there after all the rain.
  5. Rob Ast Active Member

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    Hit Chico from 10:00-1:30 today. Some fish around but very few caught - even by the snaggers. I didn't see anyone with a flyrod bring a fish in while I was there.

  6. Kundzja New Member

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    tempting fate unless you use 12 or 15 lb Maxima.
  7. mrmechanic New Member

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    Well fish are starting to show up. The crowds are starting to get bigger and bigger. Those of us that live on this creek are pretty easy going as long as people have good fishing manners. I have no problem helping other fishermen. Now when the ones who like to try to push you out of your spot, or think they can keep any fish they snag, you will hear it from me. I have already told a few people in the last few days to "dont even think of try to fish right there. Go find your own spot. Dont cast over my gear!" There is some good fishing at Minter. Just a lot of well DUMB people fishing. Get there early, get your spot. I recommend bring a friend so you can hold your spot better. Be careful if you pull a fish out of the water and open your spot for more than a few seconds. There are a lot of foreign people with fishing poles that will walk right into your spot. When you say something to them, they give you the look of I dont understand English. Now for the good part, when the fish are in there, you will get a hook up anywhere on the creek. Expect a lot of foul hooks due to it being shallow, and not very wide at low tide. When the tide is in, it gets fairly deep in there. Corkeys are the most common lure, but a float and jig work good as well. Bottom line for this local to Minter, if you have manners, you will get the same treatment. If you try to crowed me to push me out, you have picked the wrong guy. Tight lines all.
  8. troutaholic Member

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    Someone was seriously pulling your leg. First of all Chambers creek above the damn closes Oct 31st. The estuary closes on Nov 15th. Secondly there basically is no chum run- period. There may be a stray fish or 2, but no significant numbers, certainly no where near enough to call it the largest run in Puget Sound, even if you are specifying natives only. BTW I hear this same thing every year. I live less than 1/2 mile from the creek and fish it 15- 20 times a year and take a look at it nearly every week all year long. No chum. Although there was a summer run Chum that went extinct sometime in the 80's which was a real shame since summer run chum are a true rarity anywhere. I would really question the credentials of any spokesperson who stated that there is any significant return of chum to Chambers creek anymore.
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