any coho or cutty reports?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jake Bannon, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Hard to believe that a 10 lb silver is around this time of year or that it didn't have any fight in it. Steelhead kelt?
  2. Sounds like a possible silver to me. They love to follow right up to the boat or your feet and nab your fly at the last second. Then silvers are also known to roll and roll, twisting the line around themselves often. If he has been able to keep the fish on the line for a bit longer, I bet it would have given him a few good hard runs and probably a few jumps.
  3. More likely a King than a Silver given the size, but I doubt a King would have stayed put and rolled, plus pretty shallow water for a King. Steelhead kelt or even a salt run Dolly maybe? I've seen both on that beach.

    Whatever, I bet that shocked the sh*t out of ya wooleybugger74 to have such a big fish hook up at your feet. What a kick. :thumb: What fly were you using?
  4. Jim, the sand lance do seem to be very thick this year. The new book, Tube Flies Two: Evolution by Mark Mandell has a chapter featuring Mike Croft and he ties a marabou tube fly that is an awesome sand lance imitation. I tried it and the movement of the fly in the water is amazing. Captain Tom Wolf is also featured and he has some equally interesting salt water tubes. I really like the ability to use a small, short-shanked hook with these tubes. See you on a beach soon. Steve
  5. Steve, I imagine the ability to place the business end of the short shank hook at the end of the tube would help with short strikes too. Going to have to get a copy of that book. Thanks for the reference.
  6. A comment regarding the sand lance - hooked a fish recently at a north end beach that spit up 3 or 4 sand lance as I removed the hook - and it clearly had more stuffed in it's belly...
  7. What is interesting is that I have caught rezzies that one would think would put up a great fight, but instead when they got hooked, 10' from the bank, the largest ones rolled and didn't do much!!!
  8. Chad, these fish are voracious feeders. I have had several resident Coho that exhibited the same behavior. It has been fun watching them slash through schools of sand lance throughout the sound. They attack with vigor.

    Sounds from your report like it is time to try some northern beaches. :thumb:
  9. I took my kid (4 years) out on MA 12 for a couple days last week. We only fished a few spots for an hour time right at the "wrong" times to fish....middle of the day, slack tides, etc....but I did relatively well once I abandoned the baitfish patterns. All fish fell to a cone head olive/orange wooly bugger fished slow. Did not get strike one on any of the numerous baitfish patters I threw, nor did I have any action on poppers even though I saw a lot of SRC's chasing bait at the surface. Largest fish was 18 with a couple 14's and several 6 to 8 inchers.
  10. I have been fishing the same fly as Steve, in olive over white. It's an excellent pattern.
  11. Whatever, I bet that shocked the sh*t out of ya wooleybugger74 to have such a big fish hook up at your feet. What a kick. :thumb: What fly were you using?[/QUOTE]

    The fly was a size 6 marabou sandlance, olive/white.

    I'm not sure it "shocked" me. Again, I'm brand new to the west coast saltwater thing. You know, the second thing that went through my mind was "Oh cool. I bet this happens all the time."
    And now we begin the declining returns game. . .
    It happened the same way for me with stripers. My first night out, I caught an eight pound striper in a raging current. Greatest fight of my life at the time. I was ecstatic. I didn't catch another for two weeks, every morning and evening.

    Jim F. at Patricks Fly Shop thought it was a king. I'm still having problems remembering all the names of all the different salmon. He called a king a "blackmouth". But on the Ontario lakes they call coho blackmouth.

    I fished the Stilly today, no fish, none seen, but the river was empty. It's nice to have weekdays off.
  12. Around here a blackmouth is an immature chinook. That's my guess on what you hooked. I wouldn't expect any of the rezzie silvers around to be as big as that fish was this early in the season, and the ocean-run silvers won't be in the Sound until later in the summer.

    I also agree with Salt Dog that a dolly is a possibility for the beach you were fishing. There are some hog dollies in the N. Sound.

    If you're worried about declining returns, wait until September when you hook a fresh ocean-run silver and it tries to take you for a walk out to the closest island...after a bone smashing strike and a few jumps of course.:thumb:
  13. That rolling and spinning behavior screams "char". I caught literally thousands of them in my years up north, and that's pretty much all a lot of them do. The 10 lb observation was what led me toward steelhead kelt. I do know that there are still some bull trout in the sound down south that approach the 10 lb range. Catching one in that size range would really be something.

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