Any goals for yourself this year?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Dave Hartman, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. For those of you who are always looking to do something new with the fly rod, I was wondering what goals you have for yourself this year, re: warm-water fishing.

    For me, I typically try and pursue a new species each year. Not necessarily new as in never-caught, but something I'm wanting to actually learn more about, catch in different and challenging situations, etc. For the past few years it's been pike. I've still yet to completely figure that one out, particularly spring time fishing, and getting the larger ones to commit to the bite.
    Another goal I have is to catch a Montanan freshwater drum on the fly. I don't know ANYTHING about this, so I thought that might be a fun challenge. Allegedly, there's freshwater drum in a stretch of Missouri river only about five hours from me. I'd also like to pursue bass more. I tend to pass bass up over pike. But I'm gonna try and rethink that.

    Lastly, I need to learn how to use a spinning rod or a baitcaster. I haven't used one since I was eight. It's kinda silly that I don't at least keep one in the boat for shits and giggles (and to probably catch a ton more pike than I do. . .).

    What are your goals?

    Oh, and I got the year's skunk off last night!
  2. To pop my tarpon cherry by the end of next month
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  3. As someone who did this very thing, I can tell you it's totally worth it. The spinning rod saved some trips and made others exponentially more fun.
  4. Sweet Evan,
    Any warm water goals?
  5. Pike !!!!!!!!
  6. Tarpon live in some pretty warm water :D

    On the same trip, I hope to get a peacock bass as well.
  7. My goals:

    -Don't fall in the river (again).
    -Don't stick another steelhead fly in the back of my hand or ear!
    -Don't leave gelcoat on every rock in the river!
    -Don't zig when I should zag.
  8. My goal is to get a bull trout
  9. i aim to do alot more smallie fishin, and try for my first carp.
  10. Since I have not caught a bass on a fly I'll start there, first a largemouth then a smallmouth ( or which ever comes first). Then I would love to catch a carp on a fly. that should be enough to keep me busy.
  11. Spend more time fishing. I figure that's my best chance at doing more catching! Funny how that works...
  12. Introduce my 2 wt for some blue gill and crappie.
  13. I set myself up with a 9' 9wt outfit for SW. I grew up in Massachusetts and also lived on the coast of RI and have never fly fished for Stripers so, I would like to hit the Chesapeke Bay for Stripers. I would also like to take a trip to Florida to fish for Tarpon. I would like to do these two things without my wife. Don't get me wrong, I love being with her and really enjoy being in her company but, I need man time. HELP!
  14. One of these years I'd love to chase bass and carp. I need to stop daydreaming about it and get busy
  15. Carp. Found out recently there are carp to be had in a lake not too far away...

    If you haven't tried yet, get some big uglies and chase the bass on top-water. Its a blast!
  16. This year, I will focus on being a smallie proficient fisher and enter the realm of muskie/pike. With sadness, my profession is pulling me dragging and screaming to the twin cities. People brag about 14" browns in MN when I can pull a 24" fish out of standard WA waters. My focus has to change. I thinks smallies are great. Muskies and pike would be new species. I think Muskies will have to replace my passion for lings. Trout will be like fishing the snoqualmie forks, you give up size for enviroment, I hope.

    So I've tagged some nice carp in the twin cities. My goals will have to be to become a jedi smallie fisher on fly and enter the world of muskies.

  17. Man I'd love to fish the upper midwest. I don't think I could live there, but there are so many fish to fish for there! Coming from the NW, you might at first frown on midwest steelheading, which is nothing more than trout fishing for large, very strong trout! I had a couple seasons fishing GLakes steelhead and salmon and had a blast those winters. And the pike fishing! Jesus, there is SO much water in that area!

    I just added a fish to my to-do list, the bigmouth buffalo. I guess we got em here in the Missouri. Looks like several Star Wars characters wrapped up into one.
  18. My goal this year is not to hook myself even once....

    And to pick up a pike or redfish on the fly if I get the chance.

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