Any grouse?

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  1. In addition to taking my 9 month old Gertie (GSP) into the ocean front berms to point pheasants I've also been hitting the logging roads for grouse. Her training sessions have been a success for the pheasants but she has yet to sniff a single grouse feather. We've been in good grouse habitat, mixed conifer and alder, small stream bottoms. Nadda damn thing! I know we had a lousy spring last year but there should be something out there. Any suggestions would help. Gertie loves the underbrush and she knows she's looking for something. She's just not sure what.
  2. See if you can find a breeder around. Usually people who breed pheasants will also raise other game birds. Take them out into the field, dizzy them up and plant them, let your dog out to run the field.

    I used to train springers. We start them on pigeons, and then move them up to pheasants. Never seemed to have a problem with them distinguishing different types of game birds...if there were birds, be it huns, quail or pheasants, they'd be birdy. After they got used to pigeons though you could tell a marked difference when they were on pigeons as opposed to pheasants.
  3. Funny you bring up not finding any grouse.
    I have found grouse to be crafty birds, they'll hear ya coming and hop up on a limb to watch ya go by and the dog never seemed to smell'em.
    Also this time of year they maybe up as high as the snow line or for ruffies in the bottoms there may not be to many.
    April you should be starting to hear the grouse drumming for hens, but also a good time to start keeping Gertie out of the field (nesting time)
  4. I agree completely.

    If you really want to find some grouse right now I think you should be looking fairly high out above the wynoochee or satsop. There are birds up there but its some thick stuff they live in.
  5. Thanks for the input, guys. I've been thinking its close to the time of year to keep Gertie out of the fields. I'm having a great time watching her point birds but I don't need her busting nest sites.
  6. Del, I would not worry about the nest busting thing for at least a month.
    I would work Gertie as much as possible, until mid March.
    WDFW says 1st of April until 1st of August to keep hunting dogs (all dogs) out of the fields.
  7. Del, you are doing a good thing in just letting Gerty get out and look for birds. That was what she needs to do, even if she's not bumping birds. I have found grouse hunting in western Washington to be frustrating in that there is so much great cover and the birds to be so widely dispursed. Whereas east of the mountains, Ruffed's are often concentrated in the riparian areas along steam beds, ideal for upland game hunting. As has been
    suggested, a few raised birds during the winter will be all that's needed to keep her satisified. If you can find some wild quail populations, no need to even bother with the raised birds.

    In my opinion a bird dog's a bird dog, whether it be pheasnt, grouse, chukar or quail, (and sometimes even a medowlark).
  8. I was kinda the same way this year around Western Wash. Lot of walking for little to no grouse. Most of the ones I found were in eastern washington. Went over there walking with my brother during archery and wish I would have brought a bow or 22lr.

    Sounds funny but there are a lot of birds (grouse) on Ft. Lewis. Go to the NW Adventure center and go thru their easy process to get a pass. I take my dogs around the east gate side because it is close to the house and have jumped a lot of them in and out of season. I see them when I go to the PX at times picking on the side of the road. Only jumped a few around Tenino area but those lil bastards do know how to get a tree between me and my 20ga. I killed more trees than grouse. I know I need more fiber in my diet at my age but lets get real.
  9. I took the girls out for a walk yesterday and we bumped into a great covey of quail that kept us busy for about an hour.
  10. I heard that there's a good population of grouse out near the Hoh.

    I'm not sure what the regs are for working dogs in that area, but I'd like to work my Vizsla there.... I'm hearing that the birds are thick in some areas.


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