Any Help with a Naples/ Marco Island Trip

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by deansie, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Anyone have any experience in the Naples/ Marco Island area? Looking for any recomendations for a guide for a day of getting into some Snook and Redfish.
  2. Been a while but The Everglades Angler in Naples was a good bet, just not sure if they're still around.

    Have fun, Naples is one of my favorite places.
  3. Deansie - What time of the year you going down? Makes a difference. Might get a shot at tarpon during mid-late April.
  4. I fished the area in 2001 and went with another guide. Caught a lot of snook, Jacks and a few Reds. Guide is now retired. This guide is supposed to be good. Make sure your casting from the boat deck is up to speed. Biggest complaint from guides is clients down there is that clients are unable to cast well enough to reach fish and make a good presentation.

    If going early bring a clear intermediate along with floAting line

    HAVE FUN. Love sight casting to reds
  5. I can recommend Capt. Aron Blaisdell with Everglades Anglers:

    He put me on a good number of reds, etc., snook, including a decent shot on a big tarpon laid up in the backwater. They are just south of Marco Island.
  6. If you can find a guide who will take you out at night, you can have fantastic action on snook by casting into the lighted area around private boat docks.
  7. I used to leve ther before i moved to Seattle @ 8 years ago. These are the two shop I used to frequent. Snook fishing at night or at the right time of year on the beach is fantastic. Reds in the mangroves etc. Much depends on when you are going. If you want to call I will fill you in the best I can Chris 206 384 5382

    Here at the two shops.
  8. Make the short scenic drive down to Everglades City and Chokoloskee to fish the everglades with Bill Blanton. Quality guide, awesome boat, and you're in the park, something every fisherman should experience.
  9. Everglades a blast to fish. Got into tarpon, jacks, snook
  10. I was at Marco Island on Monday, arranging for delivery of a 33' Wellcraft Coastal. Didn't have the opportunity to fish, but my inquiries led me to Mangrove Outfitters. Was told that they're the go-to folks for fly fishing.

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