Any interest in saltwater floating fly tying round table?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Roger Stephens, Jan 9, 2005.

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    I was wondering if saltwater fly tiers would be interested in having a saltwater floating fly tying round table(6 people max. with first come). It could be held somewhere around Tacoma mid-day on a Sat. or Sun. at a local restaurant by I-5(Olive Garden or Azteca) or fly shop(Puget Sound Fly Co. or Morning Hatch(second choice "cuzz" they are not a sponsor of this site)).

    I would be willing to demonstrate how to tie a floating candlefish pattern(S.S. Candlefish). Hopefully, 1 or 2 tiers would volunteer to tie up one of their favorite patterns. Fishingjunkie15(close to 17 years old) tied a nice floating pattern for the Beach Silver swap . Maybe Leland could demonstrate tying his Beach Popper fly. Are there any tiers of gurglers or other effective floating patterns for the saltwater that would be willing to tie a pattern?

    If there is not enough interest in floating patterns maybe someone could demonstrate tying a saltwater tube fly or some other pattern.

    I have a portable tying setup that can be used by other tiers.