Any news on the Sky?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by WA-Fly, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. WA-Fly

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    I went out last week and saw two fish suspended in a hole, I of course being so sneaky scared them off before I could get a cast. So has any one got into any steel lately on the Skykomish?
  2. plaegreid

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    I went last weekend and didn't catch/see anything.

    This is normal for me.

    It is also why I drink.
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  3. Lex

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    We are a bit early for winter SH and a bit late for summer Sky SH. Hatch winters start to appear more reliably later this month. Considered the "Thanksgiving Day" opener. Winter wilds begin in earnest in January but that C&R season is shut down now. Summers are still around and when found now can often be still really bright. Both hatchery (summer and winter) tend to be darts, not holding very long in ther interim "classic holding" water along the way to the hatchery.

    All this being said, is if and when guys start to get in to them, don't expect it to be advertised here. So go out and try for them. The area around the hatchery is a good bet but don't expect any sort of ethics. It's a fun meat fishery where low holing is the norm and even expected.
  4. if your not chucking a spoon with yarnies tied in your wrong
  5. TD

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    Fished it on Tuesday afternoon. I was surprised that it hadn't risen more than it had. Color was still clear. I only had an hour or 2 to fish. I hit a spot between Sultan and High Bridge. There were a few Coho holding in there and I managed to land 1 for 3 in an hour or so of fishing. Not a bright fish, but it wasn't dark red either. I didn't see any signs of Steelhead.
  6. ChaseBallard

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    Talking to gear buddies and a sportsman mag writer, I've heard of two winter runs caught in the Monroe-Sultan area and supposedly one up at Reiter.

    I too typically think of Thanksgiving as the start of the season on the Sky, but sounds like there's some in there.
  7. Lex

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  8. Evan Burck

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    Seriously. That yarn will put a crippling hurt on the wobble.
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  9. Lex

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    A new Thanksgiving opener saying: "Give 'em the wobble and you'll get the gobble".

    Oops. This is a fly fishing forum. Sorry. Carry on.
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  10. Evan Burck

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    Some spoons cast on spey rods
  11. Lex

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    Not my size 3/4 hammered UV 50/50s!
  12. William Wallace

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    Went today...great day of casting! Water was great, didn't get no rain till we packed up and started to leave. Gave the river gods two of my good flies, so back to tying. All in all good day.
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  13. rwbailey05

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    May come that way and have a morning to swing on Saturday. Anybody want to hit the water? Shoot me a PM. I'll be staying in Snohomish with the rents.
  14. let me see what the wife has in my mind
  15. CLO

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    I'm sure she'll be fine with you going fishing all day with some guy from the internet.
  16. ill just tell her im going to practice my stroke while two handing a big rod
  17. CLO

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    She will respect that.
  18. troutdopemagic

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    I've been out 7 times since Mid-Nov. with a 14" Bull to show for it. Things be slow. Granted, I only use the spray pole so.....yeah.
  19. papafsh

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    The Sky used to be my "Home" river when I lived down there, but its not puttin' out the numbers that it did back then. Only places on the Sky I still go to are closed now. Have caught many SH there though and have many great memories of them, in my avatar you'll see the Ben Howard launch over my left shoulder, ,didn't catch any that day either! Sadly there are just too many car break-ins and sleds and snaggers on it today.