NFR Any Plumbers on the Board?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by freestoneangler, Nov 20, 2012.

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    One of the elec-tech's at work told me "there are old electricians and bold electricians, but not very many old and bold electricians"... I keep my pocket knife with the melted tip as a reminder of those very succinct words.

    I had a licensed electrician install my dedicated circuit and incoming line for the portable generator a few years ago and subsequently called the same guy (who works for a local company) back to resolve an outlet issue in the house -- very reasonable compared to the several plumbing jobs we've had both at this house and our previous home. The one even included price for permit/inspection.

    I think the level of skill/knowledge for both is about comparable, though to my mind, the consequences of the E's getting it wrong is significantly higher. So, unless we're just picking the highest priced plumbers in WA, I still don't see the justification for the exorbitant prices. I get all the comment about overhead having to be absorbed (and it is largely driven by way too much bureaucracy, in turn lining someone else's pocket), but $350+/hr is ridiculous. And, for the record, the job we just had done involved no doo-doo, just fresh water.

    Quick comment to the fishing guides on the forum -- considering the skill level needed catching fish in rivers with virtually no fish and the consequence of rowing under a logjam, you are WAY, WAY under priced and missing a huge opportunity. ;)
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    I prefer to be called a Recycled food systems Engineer thank you. My motto was your shits my bread and butter. 35 years in the trade. Working in New homes and remodel. Always said I should have been a SparkyBecause its got to be dry for them to run their wiring. So the roof had to be on. Plumbing can get wet. When it rains without a roof it rains under the house for a couple more days. Wet, cold or old musty moldy dust. But I agree that some service outfits are outa line! That said in todays world of 5-6 hundred K houses you need a lot of insurance. It don't take much to cause a lot of damage in a hurry. Miss a step kiss a hardwood floor goodbye, miss a step and the ceiling falls down. Miss a step and blow a house up because of a gas leak. Yup I should have been a Sparky, but that crap bites and I don't like getting bit!!!!