Any recent Lenice reports?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by tylereasley, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Might head over on Friday, Nov 14th. Still fishable?
  2. I'll let you know on Monday.....

  3. Lenice Lake. Nov. 9.. hooked several 16-20 bows.. int. line / BHWB .. troll.. pause strip/ prime condition

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  4. Hi Liveblues,
    Was that 16-20 fish or some fish 16 to 20 inches. I think I'm going tomorrow.

    Ps: are you a blues player? what instrument?

  5. will be there next Saturday for my last trip of the season.
    Looking forward to seeing reports.

  6. Didn't hit Lenice but I did fish Nunnally on Sat. and for a bit on Sunday. Fish were very cooperative - Sat. 25 to 30 to hand and misssed a few. Most were in the 16-18" range and one larger one of about 20". Sunday was pretty much a repeat but I only fishined until about 1000, with 12 to hand. It was cold but the lack of wind made the weather perfect! A few others at the lake on Sat. and one other on Sunday.

    Hope others did well.

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