Any Recent Trips to Pass Lake?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Matt Roelofs, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Matt Roelofs

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    Has anybody out there fished Pass Lake lately? I'm thinking about going down this weekend and I'm curious about water temps and algae conditions - though if you want to throw in info about what bugs you found to be successful, that'd be OK too...Thanks.
  2. Evan Burck

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    i was going to go to pass lake this weekend... but i broke my 5wt :(

    hopefully redington ships warranty work back quick.
  3. i was there about 2 weeks ago i got 2 21 inchers and 1 27 incher all were rainbows i caught them on a size 16 adams dry fly real close to shore. The alege was pretty thick in spots then i dont know about now. good luck and pm me if you have any questions.
  4. Chad Lewis

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    I live in Oak Harbor, so I go to Pass regularly. It's only been during the past couple weeks that I have had any success with dry flies, but the last two trips it's been good. I used an elk hair caddis with success, also a smallish foam beetle/ant pattern in black. Fish the dries with a slow "finger-over-finger" retrieve. You want it to move slightly without creating a wake or dunking the fly. I think this works better than just letting it float. Plus, sitting there and watching a dry float on stillwater is, to me, akin to watching paint dry.

    For fishing subsurface, I have a lot of luck with a full sinking line and black streamer patterns. Pattern doesn't seem to matter that much, as long as it's a mouthful and it's black. Muddlers are pretty good too. If you're going Sunday let me know; I might be there too.

    There's algae in the water, but I don't have anything to compare it to so I can't say how much it is. Hasn't seemed to affect the fishing.
  5. Ryan Francis


    I fished Pass Lake on tuesday nite, algae was thick, fishing was moderate, fished green chronnie
    at about 3 feet, several soft takes, two fish to hand about 15 inches. Nice nite on the lake
    two other guys fishing dries, did not seem them catch anything, but I also had the chronnie stare