Any Rock Creek advice you are willing to Share?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by obiwankanobi, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. troutdopemagic Active Member

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    It gets by far the most consistent pressure of any area on the river that is off the paved section. In my experience, it looks far better then it fishes and ruins alot of peoples Rock Creek experience.
  2. travisbrown73 New Member

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    Hmm. The 'subtle' element is probably what my ninja-senses weren't picking up. I forgot to mention that my gf and I have only been engaging in this wonderful world of ff'ing for about a year, with only the west-slope s-rivers and the yakima to compare other watersheds to. (Though we did get to the Idaho's Selway last summer.) There is definitely a difference between these waters and the way things looked on RC.

    Still, we were aware that things should look different, and that we couldn't expect to catch fish in a brand new environment. Fish can be dumb...but then again, we're not so smart as to get it right the first time all the time. :)
  3. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Travis -

    Here's a hint for RC and any other freestone stream in the northern Rockies. Don't necessarily look for the deep, dark pools for the best fishing. Look for the patches of water that seem to be a darker green than the surrounding lighter, shallower water. They often will have a bit of a 'slick' surface - not so rippled or rough. Fish hold in these slightly deeper troughs and pick off food that floats over. ... and don't move on after picking up one fish from such a spot, they often hold several fish.

  4. ScottP Active Member

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    Light to dark, shallow to deep(er). Pegged it, Richard.

  5. Greg Yen Member

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    We were there last week and it was awesome. Fish on dries all day long -avg 12" with the biggest a 18" cuttie - non-stop from 9AM to 7.5 PM. Kinda smokey though from the fires in the Sawtooth Mtns. Use a foam hopper with a parachute adams all day with a parachute blue -wing mixed in as well. It was dry fly euphoria. Thanks to all for your input on this site. Cast it behind those shallow rocks that look fishless, they are there!
  6. Kyle Smith Active Member

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    Upper or lower creek? Nice report.
  7. travisbrown73 New Member

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    Huh. I learned a lot in this thread. Thanks, guys. :)
  8. Greg Yen Member

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    upper. Personally, I liked standing in the middle and casting to the shore on both sides.
  9. Westfork Member

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    Why didn't you just cruise it with Google's 3D feature and save yourself some gas?


    BTW, when anyone in MT says "Rock Creek" they really mean the "other" Rock Creek.
  10. Bullwhacker Member

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    Secret tips for Rock Creek: Throw any number of dry or wet flies into the water and catch dozens of 6"-12" fish all day. (Occasionally larger) There really isn't any secrets to Rock Creek. It is probably the easiest river in the state to catch large numbers of fish on, hence the popularity. If you are fishing fishy water with a fishy fly and getting skunked on Rock Creek, consider golfing.
  11. travisbrown73 New Member

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    You have a point.
    On the other hand, I have never experienced a watershed (good or bad) by looking at it online.
    Fly-fishing sellout who just bought a gear rod on Sunday and caught a coho in 6 minutes. I haven't had a nibble in the next 5 hours worth...but the 5PM to the 506PM "fish on!" tale is no lie. I was trying to figure out what the heck I should be doing with the rod/reel on the third cast when the fish stole my lure like it was his. There is something to be said for being bi-rod-ual. :)
  12. Codioos Active Member

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    I hit it this year durring the salmon fly hatch. First time I have had to stop fishing to tape my rod back together. Gotta love the Rock Creek grand slam!

  13. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I always thought that when fishing a new place it is all about exploring to find the good spots. The only reason I look at a map is to find where it is I'm going.
  14. Lance workin' on it

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    Yeah, Rock Creek is a pretty crappy fishery (chuckle). Or wait, could it be maybe you didn't drive far enough. Should be catching browns over 20" in October/ end of September. They are walking up river to do the nasty dance. No finer time to be on the creek in my humble opion. If they are rising this time of year then Renegades are your friend. If they aren't then the maroon sj worn should be your ticket. My guess is the weighting for your nyph rig was not heavy enough, don't be shy with the tungston tacky weight. Get those flies down!
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  15. The Duke Been around

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    +1 on the maroon San Juan Worm. Before my trip there last year I tied up numerous worms in different colors (they are the only fly that I can tie fast enough to be worth not purchasing in the shops), and the maroon ones were by far the most successful. Ran them off of a heavy wire wrapped Pat's Stone to help get them down into the deeper slots. Caught a lot in the 12 to 16 inch range, but there were a few more memorable lunkers, including my first Montana bull.
  16. Kyle Smith Active Member

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    Glad this thread came back, I'm getting the itch to bring my 5wt and some buggers and rip some lips. The Clark Fork from RC to Clinton has been dry fly heaven the past two weeks BTW. Orange stimis and rusty spinners are all you need.
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  17. Trustfunder Active Member

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    Agree..IMO the most overlooked piece of water in the area, it was lights out with hoppers this year and the quality of fish is better than what RC has to offer. If you like quantity stick with the creek, but if your looking for a few big ones, the Clark is the right place.
  18. wa_desert_rat Active Member

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    As serendipity would have it, the TV program "Fishing with Laden" (which I suspect is mostly seen in E. WA) had a segment about Rocky Creek (including a bit about the Testicle Specticle) yesterday (Sunday) on KLEW (which I get on DirecTV satellite).

    Nice looking place to fish and visit. I think you can watch these on YouTube but I haven't. He also had a good piece on Coffeepot Lake (north of Odesssa, WA).

    But of course the best fishing in E. WA is Pacific Lake. :D

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    My post was sarcasm Old Man... if you've fished Rock Creek like I have, you know you have to find your own treasure.

    BTW, please keep posting, you're almost the only reason I read this forum...
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