Any Rocky Ford reports?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by BlackDogDad, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. BlackDogDad

    BlackDogDad 1st Down Montana!

    Anyone have a report on Rocky Ford? Hoping to hit it next week.

  2. JS

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    I was down there on saturday and It was slow, my group of three may have hooked a dozen fish and no one else really set the world on fire. The fishing isnt really thrilling now but they definatly can be caught. Dead drift scuds under an indicator, I know that is the well know solution to these fish. Some fish were rolling on damels nymphs on the weed beds but most were scudding gills flared trying to suck as many off the weeds as possible.
    Good luck
  3. tbuss

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    Fished it on Thanksgiving day and landed three fish. I talked to a few fisherman while there and it really seemed like no one was doing really well, but three large fish is nothing to complain about. I caught one fish on a small brassie and the other two on a either a pink or orange scud - I cannot remember right off hand.
  4. Tim Lockhart

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    Same..went the day before TG and got 2 to hit dries in last 2-3 hrs before dark.
  5. Lugan

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    I was there just yesterday (Monday) during the big Seattle wind-rain storm. It rained for several hours at RF too, but was dead calm. I landed 6 fish in 5 hours and lost about as many other hookups. All were caught on various bunny streamers. There was a very short and minimal midge hatch, but no other surface activity. Rain made visibility through the water very difficult, so scuds were a little less appealing for me. I'm sure they'd work though, as always. By the way, the water level is up versus recent years' flows to a perfect level, but watch your step in the swampy areas.

    One interesting thing I noticed was the near lack of trout below the lower hatchery in the fast riffle section all the way down to the lower barbed wire. I landed just one there, had one more swipe, and saw only two others. I would have expected far more follows and swipes to my streamers. I hadn't been there in about a year, but normally that section has quite a few fish in it and you can at least walk right up and see them in any weather. I did see a dozen carp though in the very lowest pool. Any ideas what happened down there? Were the low flows of the past few years just too much for the fish to handle in that relatively shallow area?

    Also, there's a sign on the lower barbed wire fence advertising annual fishing passes to fish that lower private water. Hmmm...