Any S. Fork Stilly reports?

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  1. My friend is the Maintanence guy at Verlot, and all he keeps telling me about is how good the rivers are looking. Probably going up there tuesday evening. Anyone fish up there lately? Looks like a great trout stream. Fly suggestions? Thanks
  2. There are some really nice "trout";) in the SF. Go fish it! PM me a report (where you went, how you fished it and with what patterns) and I'll PM you some things I know about the SF and it's "trout". Tight lines and good luck! Duff
  3. Fish it in the evenings. Just before dark. Some strange things happen, like bigger fish if you have the right fly. I've hit some bruisers at that time of the evening.

  4. Get away from the campgrounds and easy access. And also the game dept. released 20,000 steelhead smolts that should return this summer. Which pretty much means 2-3 dozen might make it back.
  5. Okay, I entered S. fork up by marten creek. DAMN that water was cold, like ice water! Nothing! Water was crystal clear. The cloud cover yesterday helped, but usually I see something. I didn't see anything living in the water, not even minows on the side streams. I think it's a little early, I think by the time August gets here it will be right.
  6. If you are game and don't mind a little hike. Try Boardman creek. Up away from the road and the campground at the mouth. That is if the water isn't too high.

    Or also try Black creek. But you have to hike up and over the hill where it runs off of. Very pretty water up in there. I did it one time and found what was left from an old logging operation. A small dam with a pond at the mouth of a canyon. Whats up here is all wild. No way for Steelhead or Salmon to get up in there.

    Now that I'm not there to fish anymore I will throw out hints from time to time. And I have many.

  7. Much appreciated:thumb:
  8. Sounds fun! I love doing this sort of thing off the beaten path...
  9. Heres another one, but it isn't the S/F Stilly.

    This is the Foss river. Take Forest service road(FSR) 68 off of Hiway 2 past Skykomish. Follow this road until you come to a fork in the road(about 5 miles in), it is the FSR 6835. If you go down this road it will take you to a bridge over the East Fork of the Foss. Good fishing below the bridge. Got me several sea run Cutts out of the hole along with a summer run. All on a Black Humpy fly size 14.

    But where I want to take you is the Main Foss. Continue along on FSR 68 until you come to bridge over the main river. Once there park just before it on the left side of the road and take off thru the brush. It is thick at the road but after you get thru it it thins out. Try to walk in a straight line as much as possible and you will end up at a nice hole. Found this by accident. If you look close at any map you will see a faint line for a road. It takes you over to the other road. It is blocked off now but many years ago it wasn't.

    I've fish up that way for many miles and I have never seen another foot print up in there.

  10. All the more reason to out it here, eh? "I don't go there any more so who cares..." :rolleyes: Sad.
  11. I try to help out people that are looking for spots to fish. It seems that when I do others get a burr up their butts and get pissed that I'm pointing out places to go fish.

    I've searched high and low for places to wet a line and spent many a buck on gas and what not to find them. So I feel that if I want to tell I will.

    So to hell with the nay sayers.

  12. Hey man, I wouldn't call it a burr up my ass at all. Not upset, just making sure you understand that 1000 years from now, anyone in the world will be able to pull the info on those spots from "Google Fishing" and shortcut the whole map/machete process.

    Someday, all people will need is a little fly fishing GPS unit that will point them towards the remote areas that have the best fly water for an intermediate tip and a muddler within X miles or something like that.

    If I find a beautiful place deep in the woods that has exceptional fishing, I try and leave it like I found it for the next map/machete kind of guy.

    I like to keep the really remote spots wild because like I said, wild and the internet are absolute opposites.

    If you want to broadcast these places because you "no longer live here", more power to you.
  13. Why not just PM stuff like this? That way the guy you want to share with gets some info, you get the satisfaction of helping, and the spots aren't trampled and fished out by the time the next person wants to go there.

    The internet is a bitch for secrets. You can't put the genie back in the bottle.
  14. The Foss is one of 3 rivers featured on the USFS Mt Maker-Snoqualmie National Forest site. Old Man is not letting anything out of the bag here. And I think it's pretty cool that OMJ is relating his experience on these waters. A real pleasure to read.
  15. My general rule of thumb (BTW I love that phrase since The Boondock Saints) is that if I can cast across it, I PM it. That is because I consider that to be "small water" which I personally believe to be unable to handle the sheer volume of fishermen that the internet serves up information to.
  16. Bingo. Simple, elegant solution that keeps everyone happy. The 'hamster vote seems to be unanimous!
  17. Having read Old Man's many fishing reports during his years in Washington, I really doubt that there will be a stampede to take over his former waters. :D
  18. The south fork is a sweet spot to get broken into, the locals keep me outta there... Not that I really have anything worth steeling, so hey I guess I may go after all ;)
  19. Don't know much about the Foss, but I do know some excellent places to fish in Montana that get very little pressure. Since Old Man was so considerate in providing info on places to go, I thought I'd join the cause and let those of you looking for some very good fishing in Montana on uncrowded water that is very easy to find in the area around Silver Star that I use to fish during the 4 years I lived in that area.

    There is some great water right near where Old Man now lives that doesn't get fished very often. Like the Beaverhead just downstream of Sheridan on down and beyond where it and the Big Hole join to form the Jefferson. Easy wade, and great fishing with nearly no fisherman (a rarity in that part of Montana). Another great spot is the Jefferson right in Silver Star. Pipestone Creek is another little gem, as is the top end of the South Boulder River just off I-15 north over the pass from Butte. Don't forget the Jefferson between Cardwell and 3-Forks either. The bottom 8 miles of the South Boulder River upstream of Cardwell, north of I-90 off the road to Boulder, MT is a terrific larger spring creek that gets nearly no pressure.

    There I feel better know that I've let folks in on some of the best, uncrowded fishing just off I-90 in Montana. Tight lines
  20. :rofl: Touché!

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