Any Sage LL owners?

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  1. I thought the same thing about the 389-4 LL being a refigured 4 piece and the originals were 2 and 3 piece, but I have seen a 4 piece 4 weight for auction on ebay. I was surprised but the pictures were very clear it was a 4 weight (written/logo, clearly marked 490-4) and a 4 piece. I tried to research it a little but came up empty. It is the only time I have seen one, which amazes me some for all the websites I visit and look at older gear.
  2. I have a 389-2 LL And like others have stated I'll never sell it. There is nothing like a fast action rod if you absolutely have to bomb out a long cast. But 90% of the time you don't. And a classic action rod (to me) is much more pleasant to cast under those much more common conditions. My 6wt. is a J. Kennedy Fisher GT40 IM6 and my 9wt is a J.K.F classic graphite so yeah I'm a fan of the slower actions. I have every confidence that when more people get a chance to cast these classic action rods and they come to the realization that faster and faster actions isn't necessarily the answer they will drive the manufacturers to produce more of them. Just like I have every confidence that people will realize that neoprene waders really weren't that bad and drive the manufacturers to start selling those again too :).

  3. get back to the original is a great casting/fishing rod. I have one of the 389-4 re-issued rods. Unlike any sage rod I have ever casted. Sweet slower action and the bend from a 12" :thumb: I have tried a few lines on this rod , but come back to the 444 peach. It was said that sage made a winstonisque trout rod...and this was the one. I have not played with some of the older winston rods.....but the LL is a cut above the B2X IMHO.
  4. I personally dig the Sage TXL - such a nice rod, probably my favorite of all the rods I've fished with.
  5. My first graphite rod in making the transition from bamboo was a Sage GFL 690 LL (graphite II), which I still fish on occasion. While it did a great job on Delaware River (NY) browns and rainbows, I used it for bass and even caught my first Great Lakes steelhead on it. While I love the way it presents a dry fly, most of my fishing is with nymphs and it reminds me of a graphite version of my bamboo nymphing rod, a Pezon et Michel parabolic. Just before taking a 10-year break from fly fishing to retry a music life I bought a 4711 LL (graphite III). Since returning to sanity and fly fishing in our new home in Washington this little 4 wt is my go to rod for places like the Tucannon, Touchet and Naches Rivers. Had no idea I was fishing classics, which is an interesting concept for someone who started in bamboo. I've been feeling quite behind the times with my old 2-piece rods; maybe I shouldn't. Of course, maybe I should be looking into how I can turn these rods into a pontoon boat. Hmmmmmmm.
  6. I have three of the 389 LLs. Two of them are two-piece that my brother wrapped as a matching wedding presents for my wife and I, 15 years ago. I have a great brother.

    The other is one of the original production 389LL - 3 piece. I will not part with any of them, they are a joy to cast, and a thrill to fight a fish on. I love 'em.
  7. My friend Ferber and I were heading for the Rose Bowl in 1990. We stopped by anglers workshop to check out some rod bulding stuff he was interested in. I spotted a 490LL blank in a garbage can on the front porch for $25.

    Still my favorite rod.
  8. Kerry-I'm the same as you. I have a 389 LL that is the perfect rod for a small river like Kelly Creek, or the upper Skagit (above Ross Dam) especially if the wind isn't blowing. I also have a 590 SP that I basically use for new fly fishers as it is a forgiving action. My wife uses it a lot. Since a lot of my trout fishing is on bigger rivers and with occasional wind thrown in, my go to rods are a 590 XP, a 690 Z-Axis, or even my 790 GLX. I also have a vintage Sage RPL+ 590 that I love for throwing heavy nymphs. My point is that is it pretty easy to switch from a slow action to a fast action by altering your casting tempo, and each tool has its place. It does feel weird to fish something like a Sage XI2 8 wt all day and pick up the LL and try to cast it, but soon your casting stroke adjusts! Rick
  9. Mine is made from a blank kit I got at Morning Hatch when I was teaching a rod building class 20 some years ago. It was listed as a 4/5, and is a two piece, of course. It's under 8' long, but I don't really know what model it is, as there are no markings on the blank. One of you savvy collectors could probably narrow it down, however, no one touches it but me. Ever.

    They really are superb.
  10. I use a 279LL, 2 wt. It is 7'9". I love it. I landed a beautiful 19" coastal cutt on it last month or two ago. Sweet rod.....sweet.
  11. I'm also on the LL bandwagon and my first quality rod was a 389-2LL purchased new from a shop.
    It's definately my favorite trout rod and I've fished it hard and often. I decided I wanted the 4 piece version for travel and picked up the 389-4 re-issue a few years back. it seems to have a bit more backbone in the 4 pc config so seems a bit more versatile with bigger flies and some wind.
  12. I have a 590-2 that I bought in 1989 after breaking my main trout rod, an early 1970s Scientific Anglers fiberglass 6 wt. That gave me an excuse to buy new 5 wt fly lines while I was at it. I like the rod but haven't used it in recent years because I have a 4 piece that is more convenient to travel with, or I fish with my 5 wt bamboo.

  13. Looks like you could sell it for enough for a down payment on another bamboo.
  14. I bought my 490 LL about twenty years ago. I've fished it almost exclusively as my trout rod. It's seen plenty of action and I caught my first "on a fly" steelhead on the rod about eight years ago while on the Deschutes River in Oregon. I wouldn't trade it for anything!
  15. I've got a 490-2, a 590-2 and a 590-4 and I love 'em all! I fish the 590-2 mostly in the salt, and the 490-2 in freshwater... the 590-4 is mostly reserved for travel or when I need ease of packing.

    So here's a question that's been nagging me:

    How long will Sage be able to replace these rods under warranty? The last one I broke was a few years ago; it was totalled from being run over (long story) and was replaced without hesitation. Surely they can't have an unlimited supply though. How long do you think the replacement stock will last?
  16. My first high-end rod was a 279LL purchased in 1987. I sold it around 1992 to finance other new gear. Of all the rods I've sold over the years, it's the only one that I regret.

    I still have my Graphite II 586LL purchased in 1988, and a Graphite III 4711LL purchased in 1992. That little 4711 landed me a ton of North Idaho cutties over the years. Shame I haven't fished it now for ten years or so...
  17. I know this is insane, but when I first got the rod (and I don't remember) I was on the Deshutes in Oregon and I thought I would try it out because it was new. Of course, it is not the rod to use on the Deshutes by any means. But, I did because I was itching to use it. I was fishing one evening near dusk, throwing a #16 Elk Hair Caddis under some bushes upstream. I thought something sucked in my fly so I set the hook. You guessed it. I hooked into a steelhead. Would you believe I played it for 10 minutes before it came unbuttoned..... one of those memories... gees.
  18. I bet the eBay price on LL's has just increased 25%...
  19. Laryy, I had the exact same thing happen to me with my 490LL on the Clearwater late July. Except my reaction was..."Oh great, what the $@*# do I do now?" She turned, ran, I watched, "boink"....that was that.
  20. I have a two piece 590 LL that I never use anymore. Anyone want to make and offer or propose a trade?

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