Any Sage LL owners?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by obiwankanobi, Aug 26, 2010.

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    if i could find a 490 LL to add to the 389 and 590, i'd pay the price. i actually bought one on ebay 6 years ago for a friend. it had never been used, wish i had that rod in my collection. there is just nothing like the nice progressive action of the LLs, not even my custom made bamboo comes close.
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    Yep, I love that progressive action. Sage's discontinuing of the LL line is largely responsible for why I became a Winston fanatic.
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    Recently I traded my SPL 181-3 Center Axis combo for a damn near mint LL 490-4 and 100 bucks! I've always heard great things about the LLs and was pretty excited to finally cast one... Like butter I tell ya!!!! I've always liked the older, slower Sage SPLs and was destroyed when Sage told me that they could not replace my broken 483-3 due to lack of blanks... Until I got my hands on the LL!!! Took it out West a few weeks ago and it performed perfectly on several cutts pushing 18 inches. It is definitely more of a dry fly rod, but I tossed some double nymph rigs and it wasn't too bad... But if I'm going to be tossing weight and indy rigs, I pick up the XP 690-4!!!

    I don't think there is much left in the way of replacement LL blanks. I broke a SPL 4 weight and was told they didn't have any more SPL 4 weight blanks. I decided to ask about a replacement LL and they said that they only had an 8ft 4 weight blank in a 2 piece left. I considered it, but needed something I could pack for traveling... Hope I'm wrong about their stock though!!!

    Yall be careful with those LLs!!!!!