Any Sauk Steelhead?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Chris Kunin, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Extend that out over a couple weeks or a month and let me know when that rod is about to hit the classifieds.;)

    Whoever fixed that perfectly cooked steak for me on Saturday night has some serious props coming to him.:thumb: Thanks for letting me and the yellow dog hang out w/you guys.

    My buddy is on probation for the no show Sunday morning so if you know anyone looking for a seat Saturday let me know.
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    The Sauk is a hard river to fish. It takes time to learn it and because the river changes so much, you have to relearn it every year. A lot of the good water isn't obvious and you can fish a spot several times before you know where the sweet spots are. Honestly, I don't think there is much good holding water per mile.
    Fished some of my favorite water Monday and Tuesday without a bump.
    I don't fish weekends, they're a joke.
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    I agree, cb...I spend the entire month up there...well, Wed-Sun every week, at least...and it's usually my third or fourth float before I feel that I'm getting a handle on this year's Sauk River...the changes this year are so dramatic that it took about a week to get a handle on things, and it was only last week that I saw the river at low enough water to confirm most of my feelings about it this year.

    I think the Sauk might be the most difficult steelhead stream to be successful on...major props to those who do get it done there.

    Six more days left...and I'm outta here at lunch time. If'n I don't see ya on the river, see y'all on Tuesday.

    Fish on...


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