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    Just Kidding...
    On December 17th I'm headed out with friends on a 21 day trip down the Grand Canyon from Lee's Ferry to Diamond Creek. I'll be kayaking but I'm planning on bringing along a rod. I know there's good fishing at and above Lee's Ferry but sadly we won't be spending much time there. I was wondering if anyone knew how the canyon fished further down. I searched old posts but didn't see much. If anyone has some advice on what I can expect, patterns to use, or if there's any fish below Lee's in the first place, it'd be much appreciated. And yes it's going to be incredibly cold. Possibly colder. But when you get an offer to run the Grand you can't really turn it down...
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    Wow, cool trip! Won't it be pretty cold in the canyon this time of year with the short days?

    My aunt and uncle did a private trip through the canyon in a raft about 5 years ago, but it was in September I believe. It should be quite an experience and I for one am incredibly jealous!

    Don't know about fishing in the canyon, but bring some gear along and some basic trout flies and go for it. In the stuff that I've seen / read in order to fish Lee's Ferry you have to take a jet boat up the river to get to the good spots.

    I've been on the board for quite a while now and can't think of any threads that have covered the Grand Canyon for fishing.

    Good luck and stay safe on your trip! Post a detailed report when you get back please!

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    I have floated the "big ditch" three times, only fished it once. (A good friend owns a raft company out of Kanab.) The fish above Lee's Ferry can be big and look like steelhead. There is decent fishing as you move down the river but the big problem is silt. The Little Colorado tends to bring quite a bit of silt into the Colorado so it can be hit an miss below that. With that said, take the rod. Woolly buggers, Hale Bopps worked for me.

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    Geez whiz. The headings on a few of these threads make it sound like this is a looking for a mate thread.

    Please word them differently. As I'm not in the market for any kind of sex. bawling:bawling:bawling:bawling:

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    Old Man

    It can't be that Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    After all you do live in Montaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaana.
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    OM, get a dog... I hear they make great companions.:ray1:
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    I went to Grand Canyon a few years ago and by far the best flies were olive bugger and a black bugger. Each of which with a tiny bit of white somewhere on it. I put two white biots right behind the head.

    The fishing is 100% flow dependent though according to what I hear. When I was there I caught a fish a cast for the first hour or so when I was fishing each morning and in the afternoons.
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    Yet you still clicked on this thread!
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    That's what I hear, and unlike sheep-- they sleep in the house. :eek:
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    So your saying nutten is better than mutton?
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    Na, ya got it backwards.
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    Now I know why OM moved to Montana. You can have your cake and eat it to and even keep you warm on those long cold nights.
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    Midges, scuds, midges, scuds, midges, and midges . . . 18 and 20 for the midges, 16 and 18 for the scuds.

    Contact the Lee's Ferry Anglers for info, and maybe stop in and pick up a bug or two when you go. It's amazing how much info will be shared if you drop a dime or two . . . :thumb:
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    Call Dave Foster at Marble Canyon Outfitters. He is a super nice guy and has worked and lived on the river for years. Fishing at Lee's Ferry is good but I heard it has suffered over the last few years. Midges, scuds, buggers will all take fish. Long light leaders midges and indicators where the story when we fished it. We fished in November and it was cooooold! One of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth. You will have an amazing trip. As far as the fishing below Lee's Ferry, I cant be of much help, but call Dave and he or some of his crew can give you some insight. Have fun. Here is a link to his site: