Any single ladies out there?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by rick matney, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Since you've transitioned over to catfish on the fly maybe you should change your search? Maybe instead of “long walks on the beach and seafood” try ‘swimming in muddy crickbeds and fried okra’

    Git some!

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  2. Just trying to do my part to narrow the gender gab in the sport I have dedicatied my life to! It would be nice if some of you fathers and brothers our out there did yours.

    Bring on the challengers :)
  3. That could be the hottest picture I have ever seen! I love it! Keep them coming. :rofl:
  4. I heard about this woman in Washington who is a fly fishing goddess. Pretty enough to appear on television and I hear she can really fish.

  5. iagree

    She could be just waht you are looking for. Only one thing wrong. She hates all men, thinks they are all scum. This is what I got off another web site that isn't there anymore. Besides she thinks she can out fish anybody. Her EGO is way out there.

  6. And the Goddess is post spawn. And frankly, she scares me. :)

    IF asking a pile of flyfishermen donesn't work out (I know, why wouldn't it?) try these...
    or even :)
  7. Yep, she's a train wreck with some serious daddy issues alright.
  8. Rick, ask the Goddess to hook you up with her her hotty friend Danny who looks like N.Kidman in hips. My vision for the day.

    DD - there's also PWP - Parents Without Partners (aka Pr**ks without patience)

    Spanish - Nice pic. I've seen others like it too. It's the real deal, Southern women mudding catfish. & I'm a sucker for a drawl.
  9. I'd let one of these gals guide me on a little noodlin' expedition.:eek:

  10. I'm laughing my ass off.
    This is funny stuff.
    My son lives in Bozeman and he finds the same problem.
    Sheep that don't/can't fly fish or talk to much.
    I do know some ladies that like to or would like to learn to fly fish, but they are old enough to be yo momma.
    Good luck to you sir.
    Man O Man ya better join the grabbers club. Don't forget to wear your raincoat.
  11. NOT AGAIN!!!!
  12. Having just moved from Bozeman I can give you some advice... Just hang in there man, it's winter time.

    Once things start to thaw out you will be suprised, I have ran into a few attractive, lady FF on the river that were young enough to be my daughter... the best one was a young lady in a bikini with a flyrod leaning on her lawn chair, sitting next to the boat ramp at bear trap......:thumb:
  13. Wow...My first impression when I saw the title...Dave! Behave!:clown:
  14. So far ZERO female responses and a couple dosen MALE responses........

    Who is this fly fishing Goddess you all talk about? I have never heard of her. Are you just making stuff up? I would love to be outfished by a woman, seriously!
  15. A Poem of one of Ricks Prospects...

    I know this chick.
    She might have a dick.
    She looks like a man
    Her name is Dan.
    She actually fishes.
    Less then she wishes.
    Ask her on a date
    So you dont have to MAster@#$%

  16. Go to the bar man.:beer1:
  17. :eek: Uh, I'm good. If this is a chick...someone should tell her.
  18. You could pretend like you are a state trooper.... I think that worked for some other guy on here a while ago..... :rofl:
  19. Whiskey, sheep and velcro gloves. Tell them you were just "helping the sheep over the fence" when you get caught.

    There are many things I like to do with my lady friend (now wife, married 3 months) and fishing is not one of them. Find a lady that likes to hump like crazy, is a good cook and not to messy and life will be much better than if she likes to chew tobacco and go fishing with you.

    I'm young, but damn I'm smart!
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