Any smallmouth yet?

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  1. I have read that there has been talk of a size slot bounty on small mouth, in certain areas, I am sure it wont ever happen but you never know.
  2. suckegg --
    That's a very interesting link to The Olympian -- which is one of the two newspapers I work for. I write a fishing column for the paper -- for the past six years. A couple years ago, I wrote a column questioning why Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife favored a bounty program on Columbia River pikeminnow -- but protected smallmouth bass with catch limits, etc....
    The Fish and Wildlife director -- now gone from the agency -- wrote a wretched reply that was basically a personal attack at me for having the audacity to ask questions. He went on to say that smallmouth didn't have a huge impact on Columbia River salmon and steelhead smolts. Now this....
    Anyway, life is certainly interesting. :)
  3. What's the lowest on the columbia system that you can find a good number of smallies?
  4. I would really love t know the answer to that. I know that there are LM Bass in the Deep River (between Naselle and Grays River).
  5. If you do the research on the predation of salmon and steelhead smolts by smallmouth you will find that they do not do as much damage as some people believe. The predation by pikeminnows is much more prolific than smallmouth, that is why they have always been the target of the bounty program. I will try to find some of the studies that I have read talking about smallmouth predation. Not to say that they do not eat salmon smolt, because they do, just not as much as people think. There are other species that do similiar damage as the smallies do, so watch what you wish for.
    As far as the Grande Ronde river and people keeping fish, I float it 2 times every year and never see anyone keep any fish. That place could use people keeping 5-10 of the smaller 8-10 inch fish.
    Smallies are awesome fish to catch and yes they are not native, but man I would be real dissapointed if they were never introduced because they have given me some great times. And putting some Montreal Steak Seasoning on them and cooking them over an open fire, thats some good eating. Good luck

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