Any Snoqualmie reports?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dtran, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. dtran It's all LUCK

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    Thinking about hitting the Snoqualmie for some steelhead near the golf course. Anyone been out there since the opener? Any luck yet?
  2. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    Not up there, but a few miles south, near Carnation. Twice last week, once so far this week.
    One bump/headshake, which was a bonus because it was mainly casting practice. Aside from
    the water being down noticeably in a week, the water temp was also a bit warmer on Tuesday
    compared to the week before. Thought I read on here somewhere that Creekside had some
    reports posted about guys hooking up near Fall City. I try to avoid reports because they either
    discourage or give false hope ; )
  3. Chris Corbiere "I'm new... dont make fun"

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    I was fishing the south fork today off mile 32. The water was running pretty fast but had luck pocket fishing the few places I could. Caught 4 cuts on the swing going from 10 to 13" anyway I dont know if this helps, but thats all I know
  4. rattlesnakeflyguy Harrison

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    dtran - My brother and I fished the confluence of the Raging River and Snoqualmie under the Fall City bridge for 3 hours last week. The water was high but fishable with 4' vis. We managed one hatchery of about 4 pounds and 2 squaws. It was rather slow, but there are fish there right now. The coal car was the ticket in the late evening.

    corbiere - Thanks for your mini-report. I am going to do a walk up the south fork from exit 42 upriver for about 3 miles looking for the occasionally brookie over the weekend. I love the SF by exit 32...good work!
  5. Arthur Vakulchik Young Gun

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    over the past couple weekends, ive been hearing people going up to the snoqulamie and catching fish. i herd of 2 being caught from one guy, and another guy caught one. ive not herd of any fly fishers catch anything on the sky yet. not sure were they caught it but i know they were using sink tips (type 3) and they were using medium sized flies with part bright colors.

  6. Tyler Watters Stickin' pigs.

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    I know you are steel hunting but I fished the S Fork last week in the state park and caught more rainbows than I could count. The biggest one was about 12" which might be the biggest one in that section of the river. It was fun anyways, as the fish were not ashamed of nailing a size 12 stimulator all day long.