Any spokane/CDA reports?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Panhandle, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. I'm staying in CDA on Saturday and am going to hit one of the rivers, I'm leaning towards the Spoke.
  2. Let me know how you did please? I haven't fished around there since I was in Jr High when I lived in Cheney. I always fished the last half mile to the mouth of Negro creek that flows into the west side of Sprague Lake for Lahontans when I needed my fly fix back then.
  3. Wow, as I remember, Negro creek is nothing but a trickle now.

    Spokane's fishing ok, fished it the other day at the honey hole with John and LT. Getting down deep enough is challenging, especially because the river is rippin right now. A few trout, a squaw, a handful of whiteys and plenty of good company. I might fish either of the two as well this weekend. I'll PM you later this week to see what your plans are.
  4. Yeah the last half mile was the only fishable part because it was way too small to fish above that.

    I loved E WA when I lived there. My favorite spot in that entire area was Cow Lake out past sprague. I took my son there about 2 years ago and it sucked. Back in the early 90's before they killed it I remember catching largemouth bass and lahontan cutts like crazy. A good day was 10 to 20 fish. When I was there last time I caught 2.
  5. Sounds good Chris.... I'm up for the CDA as well.
  6. Fished yesterday for about 1.5 hours. Quite a bit of surface or just sub surface feeding activity, but no hatches. It looked like Mahoganies in the air and some smaller stones, so I put on a decent sized brassie and caught a nice bow. It was a beautiful, warm, overcast evening. Not too much catching but enjoyable afternoon.
  7. Adam,
    Fished the upper NF CDA today.........GRHE's and Flash back PT's sz 16-18 were the ticket. Water still clear and the bigger fish in the pocket water and a few behind the rocks in the shallower water:thumb: Will fish the Spoke Thursday and let you know how it is doing since the rain! Did you fish the Koot Sunday?
  8. Yes I did. I fished that spring run and caught a big buck (22 inches thick) Caught another decent rainbow and 30 inch bull :eek: I didn't see it but the guy I was fishing with did. The bull took me deep, with my drag cranked. I'm not going to get into why I didn't land it:hmmm: Thanks John. (I guess that should have been a PM.:D)
  9. You are the man:thumb: FYI Friday the Spoke was running around 2200 when I fished it with Chris and Ryan and as of 12 am today it is running at 2820.

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