Any Steel being caught on west rivers?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Flyfishsteel, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Flyfishsteel

    Flyfishsteel New Member

    Things have been quiet on westside rivers for steel, are they not running or trickling now? Not including OP rivers, mainly speaking of rivers from the Skagit down to the Cow.

  2. ChrisC

    ChrisC Member

    There are in the rivers you mention but I wouldn't say that any river's particularly hot.
  3. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Yup, heard about the same. Some being caught, but nothing spectacular. But most of the rivers I normally fish are closed or closing down here shortly.
  4. Davy

    Davy Active Member

    haven't seen a fish in days
  5. Salmo_Gairdneri

    Salmo_Gairdneri Another Fly Fisher

    Every now and again, the odd fish grabs a fly.

  6. Erik Skaaning

    Erik Skaaning New Member

    Yes, I was fortunate to land a monster Buck on the Sauk last week with the help of a guide that is a sponser of the board! Definately worth getting out.
  7. Zen Piscator

    Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

    wow, 2hander that is a toad. Make sure to keep in accordance with the law and keep them in the water. Im sure you didnt do much harm to that one, i can see its still dripping. Anyways, in the water photos look great in my opinion, and sometimes holding large fish without great support out of the water can damage their organs, because the pressure is 20 times less among other things. Great fish, congrats.

  8. Nailknot

    Nailknot Active Member

    Timing is everything.
  9. Bucktail

    Bucktail New Member


    That's one of the nicest pictures I've ever seen of a fly caught steelhead and the background/foreground composition is absolutely terrific. You should get someone to do an oil painting for you using your photograph. What a nice item for a fisherman's den. Congratulations!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. :thumb: :thumb:

  10. bhudda

    bhudda heffe'

    2hander , my eyes hurt from being in the "wow" position..... i could only hope of hooking a fish like that. CONGRATS BRO!

  11. Flyfishsteel

    Flyfishsteel New Member

    Wow 2hander, I'm speechless...

    Why is it that I only see Spey guys with the MONSTERS and one handers with 12lbs and below? Hmmm, I hope its not in the rod.

    I guess my persistance is whats going to determine if there is any steel anywhere I go. Thanks for sharing and the motivation boost.
  12. Big Tuna

    Big Tuna Member

    ditto on the "WOW!" Nice work!
  13. Bob Triggs

    Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

    2hander/ Jack...Yikes! :eek:

    Awesome. :cool:
  14. papafsh

    papafsh Piscatorial predilection

    VERY NICE! 2hander....

    Nice to see, especially since I know where that run is, and that there are still some of the big boys showing up just before the river closes.

    BTW: salmo, I wouldn't turn down a chance at a fish like that one you caught either, it would make my day for sure!

  15. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    Damn...are you sure you were not in AK...BEAUTIFUL

    Nice fish and nice picture........I wish my rod required two hands to hold firm!!! .....but at least I have a fighting butt.

    Stupid...I know
  16. Salmo_Gairdneri

    Salmo_Gairdneri Another Fly Fisher

    That cute little buck in the picture I posted was the smallest one of my year. Probably no more than 5#. But it -was- landed on my ancient Sage 9140-4. So I hosed up your theory on the single/2-hander fish size.



  17. Davy

    Davy Active Member

    Got a similar buck a couple of runs below that one on Wednesday. On a single hand 7 wt. Yes, it was bent clear into the reel seat. And my arm is still sore .LOL. 'nuthin a good martini doesn't clear up though.