Any tube fly tyers interested in bulk tubing?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Jerry put me down on your list. I'm in for 100' or what $80-100 will get me. PM me with the price when you know and when/where to send my payment. Thanks.
  2. Ok, will do. Guess it takes awhile. Has to be done the snailmail way. LOL. She has my sample of the small tubing. She said she was going to try and get the sample put together and sent out either this coming week or first of next. So will be a couple weeks out before I know anything.
  3. Jerry,

    I am not sure if this is the exact stuff you are looking for, but here's a link to some 3/16 plastic tubing.

    I will called an order, they are near Ballard.

    PS, this particular material has a specific gravity of .98, and if I remember those old lessons, water is 1.0 so it would be neutral boyant. This stuff is cream colored, but the tygon stuff is clear with a SG of 1.2. Slighting heavy.

    Both come in .0625 or 3/16
  4. That's not the same stuff. Can get that as well from her. This stuff is a bit more rigid, and exactly like the HMH stuff. That stuff is for snaking tubing through areas usually (at least for her guages it is). She buys those by the coil, but this other stuff is extruded in straight lengths since it's a bit more rigid then that stuff. This stuff is actually smaller in diameter. The stuff you are showing is twice the diameter of this stuff. Stuff I'm trying to get is the same as the HMH small tubing, which is 3/32. Great for tying smaller steelhead flies. Some tied on the larger tubing make a pretty big profile. Yours would be a bit larger since it's 3/16 and the large tubing is 1/8th.
  5. I'm in if the price and quantities come back decent.
  6. I'm intrested also, in the small 3/32 stuff.
  7. Ok, got the quote. It's gonna be 3 cents a foot. Will be cut in 8' lengths. I have to find out how much the cost of shipping will be to my customer. I can cut them down to easier to transport lengths. I'm guestimating it'll rough out to maybe 5 cents a foot maybe. This will be a heavy box coming in. But just need to make sure everyone is on board, and willing to pay. I'll get the exact cost including shipping. She totally forgot about that, so once I hear back will let you know.
  8. Looks like you're in for a lot of cutting, envelope stuffing amd a fun afternoon visit to the post office. Thanks for the offer to handle this! Count me in! :beer2:
  9. Well, I was figuring more of meetup. And a relay for those who aren't nearby. Then those too far away could ship (those wanting the smaller amounts).
  10. Sounds like a good idea. Still appreciate all you efforts!
    Pass along some tying materials over a few beers and stories?? Good chance to meet a few of you all...
  11. I'm still in for 30' or so. If I forget to check this thread, don't be shy about sending me a pm...
  12. I'm up for 100ft of it. Are there other sizes available too?
    I can meet part way coming from Bellingham and don't mind transporting some back for whoever. 8ft lengths are not a problem...
  13. Jerry Daschofsky: incoming mail
  14. Got it Ral. There is only the 3/32 available. I could possibly get the large (aka saltwater) diameter for you guys. Just have to ask her how much. She has it extruded in 3' lengths. Whereas this stuff will come out in 8' lengths.

    Will let you know when I get the exact cost overall. Right now it's a guestimate of .05 a foot including shipping to her business. But have to find out exact shipping costs when she gets them.
  15. Jerry

    If it`s not all spoken for , I`d be interested in 50' or so . I`m in Kamloops though , so it would need to be mailed out .

  16. Brian - I'm up Kamloops way pretty often. Depending on when the stuff gets in I don't mind bringing it up.

    Jerry - Looks like you've just created a new career for yourself! Any idea when this might all go down?
  17. Hi Jerry,

    If it is in 8' sections, I'm interested in 32' (4 sections).

  18. Hey Jerry,

    I'd be interested in some tubing as well. I'm in Gig Harbor on your way out to the KP.
  19. Hi Jerry- I would take 5 8' sections.
    I am in Federal Way-let me know how you would like me to pay/ collect the tubing.
  20. Is this still a go ?


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