Any word on Lenote and Dry Falls?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by dfl, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Two of us are thinking if driving from the OP to the dry side for some kick boating for trout. Has anyone been to either of these recently or have suggestions
  2. Dry Falls doesn't open until April 1st.
  3. What he said.

    There are other options that opened March 1st but you'll have to wait a bit for DF.

  4. Here's a tip. Stop being like other flyfishers and thinking "quality waters...quality waters". Try the other anything goes lakes as they have big fish also. I will now give you a lake to kick around and one that has camping lakeside. I am NOT saying it has big fish but it fishes ok. Quincy Lake. And.... it's open now.

    There's lakes over here that have bigger fish than Lenice/Nunnally/Merry but you'll have to get me in a headlock to get those names. I'm not fast nor quick, but I bite.

    I think I was cranky above and may be turning into an OMJ.

  5. Zen:

    I was thinking of you with my post, glad you responded.

    We have to hook up this year, perhaps I can work TM into the trip.

    Hope all is well with you in ML.

  6. Bill, I want to go to that lake also.
    Thanks for all the tips you given about the seep lakes in the past. Those were in my formative years and fly fishing was new to me. Not sure I'm a much better fly fishermen now but I need to return to those lakes soon. A great place to camp and unlimited lakes to fish in a 3 day weekend. Need to take my old Brittany there with me. He won't make another year but I can remember the time I'd just let him loose and he roam those hills while I fished. We both had a lot of fun there. :)

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