Anybody cast a Sage TCR Spey ?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Ron Crawford, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. I am kind of a fast action freak and I love the TCR single handed rods.

    I have a few spey rods and because they are so long they always feel like a wet noodle to me. I have compensated by adjusting my cast and it works just fine. I am thinking about trying out a TCR 8123 which should be nice and fast as a skagit/shooting line outfit.

    Has anyone out there cast this (or any other TCR speys) rod? What did you think?
  2. I have cast the 9140 TCR with the 85' Carron 10/11. It was a nice match.
    Go visit Aaron at River Run this Sat. He has a bunch of the TCR's.

  3. I hope that you got out this Sat to Aarons thing. Sage had a presentation there and had several TCR's on demo.

    I cast it myself with a Skagit head, and suffice it to say, in order for me to cast it, I'll have to improve a lot. The rod threw line like it was going out of style when you did it right, but if you mistimed it, not a whole lot of good happened. In my opinion, much like the normal TCR, you should probably be a pretty proficient caster before considering this rod. :)

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  4. I've cast the 15' TCR and found it to be among the fastest 2-handers I've ever cast. Based on casting short-belly, mid-belly, and long-belly lines on it, it would be a very good choice for someone with good technique, excellent timing, and the ability to load the rather stiff butt of the rod, otherwise I suspect a person would feel rushed or that the rod wasn't loading when it was.

    The only criticism I have of the TCR 2-handers is the tip is a bit too light and wimpy for my tastes; but then again, I use long-belly lines almost exclusively and like a stronger, stiffer tip along with a fast recovery and stiff rod for a 2-hander as a resullt (the Miesier Highlander Series rods that came out last summer are built the way I like a 2-handed rod with a good stiff tip, fast recovery, and fairly stiff overall). I've had the same criticism of the T&T 2-handers (which are among my favorites) and the Loomis GLX 2-handers (which are also among my favorites) as well, the tips are a little too soft and thin, even though I've never had a problem with any of my T&T or Loomis GLX 2-handers.

    Since you already use a single hand TCR, the 2-handed version you are considering ought to be just what you are looking for. I found the TCR liked a short compact stroke, which a skagit line is ideal for.
  5. While I love to play around with the TCR's as fishing rod for me they are too much stick with maybe a exception with the 15 foot ten weight just a little more relaxed than it's high strung little brothers,the 12 footers are animals but as of yet I've not yet cast the eight weight ,soon hopefully.At Aaron's last Sat.I too cast the 14 foot 9 weight TCR with the long carron and It was fun, but for long bellies I like a little slower action.Cast every rod you can then cast them some more
  6. Spent most of the Summer casting the 9140 TCR with a 85 foot 10/11 Carron and 95 ft 10/11 Carron.
    Fished the TCR 8123 on the Sandy with a 550 Skagit line and liked the rod and line well enough but did not get a fish.
    These are not the rods for most Speycasters for they require some astute attention to details and timing these are not just cast and blast style rods.
    All and All I like them.
  7. the 12'3" 8 wt. TCR is my favorite rod on my home water. stays out of the overhead branches and fishes heavy stuff well. much easier to play and land fish with this stick than with some of the longer rods. casts all the way across most rivers around here, using big windcutter, scando heads or 650skagit.
  8. I'm usually a fast rod lover as well, but found the TCR Two-hander a little too fast for my liking. The rod I threw may have also not been loaded up with the best line for it, but as other's have mentioned, it just didn't feel like it was loading up. I do like the 9141, which is faster than the 9150 but not as fast as a TCR. Find what you like and enjoy!

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