Anybody else hit the water over the three day weekend?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by triploidjunkie, Feb 22, 2011.

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    I got a little fishing in each day. Hit Rocky Ford sat, but the winds were gusting over 50 mph, so left early after losing battles to wind knots. Still managed to catch a couple though, and a newbie with me got three.
    Went to Omak Lake on sunday. After an hour of fishing without I strike, I was thinking negative thoughts. Then three huge cutts, all over ten pounds, chased my fly up into the shallows. They were literally fighting over my fly, but kept missing it. I had to back up the beach so my leader knot wouldn't pass through the tip. Finally, when I was just about out of room, I watched one inhale the fly. I waited a beat, then set. The water exploded, the fish thrashing about, and shaking it's head violently. Then it took off like a rocket. I watched in shock as my backing appeared, fast. Shock turned to horror when I realized I was running out of backing, fast. I sprinted down the beach, trying to keep a couple wraps on the reel. I had less than ten feet of backing left when the fish finally stopped, then leapt four or five feet into the air, 200 ft out in the lake. That's when I realized just how big this fish was. I actually called my fishing partner over, knowing I would have hard time landing the monster by myself. It took 15 minutes, gaining and losing line, for my to bring it close enough to see. It didn't like that and ran again, deep into my backing. It nearly as long to gain the line back that time. When we finally got it into the shallows, my heart fell. I had foul-hooked it somehow. The fly missed the jaw and had stuck just above the pectoral fin. No wonder I had such a hard time turning it's head and wearing it out. When my partner went to net the fish, which was far too big even for my net, they missed, hit my leader, knocked the fly loose and somehow missed the fish which was already half in the net. I guess why you don't let someone else net your fish of a lifetime.bawling: I estimated it's length at around 32-33 inches, and probably about 12lbs. I would've been much more upset if it hadn't been foul hooked. Did manage to land a 24" male soon after.
    Hit Rufus for a couple hours yesterday afternoon, and caught three bows right away, two of which were wild. One had talon scars from an encounter with either an osprey or eagle when it was young. The first hour I was getting strikes nearly every cast, then it was like a switch was thrown, and not one single strike the next hour.
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  3. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Got handed my first solid skunking of the year on the OP
  4. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Had a great outing on Friday and Saturday.
    Again thanks to Joe and Seth for letting me tag along.
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    What three day weekend?
  6. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    I'm with KS on this one.....
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    Damn! To bad you lost the big one. But now you can look forward to going back and hooking her again.

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    Not really fishing, but I got an easy limit of razor clams on Saturday.
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    Hit Lone on Monday with Kokita. Our best catch by far happened each time we reached into the cooler. Fishing was slow in the morning for me, but Kokita landed 4. I don't think I landed one until past 11:40 or so. After that I found fish fairly consistently. Nothing deeper than 12'.

    trip, great story and knowing the potenital for double digit fish there and how often you fish it, you'll hit your shot again. Snagged or not that's a great run for those cuts.

  10. Islander Steve

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    I don't fish weekends...especially three day ones. I did get a new boat and put it in the water at Goss, does that count?
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    That's a great fish story on Omak, not to mention the 24" fish is much bigger than anything I landed this 3-day weekend on Lone Lake.

    Ed - Very nice!
  12. Vladimir Steblina Retired fishing instead of working

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    What is a three day weekend? What is a weekend? I guess as a retiree I am missing something??

    Water? What is water? As a retiree currently in southeastern Arizona I did see water being sold at a stand behind the gas station. How do you fish it??
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    Heading over to Lenore on the 19th of march, did you happen to drive by the lake and see or hear what the ice situation is like...
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    Lenore should be mostly ice free be March 1st. The North end was looking good.
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    I guess that the three day weekend was President's day. But they are all dead. Why celebrate the birthday of somebody who is dead.

    When most people work through them days only the PO and the banks and the schools take them days off. All others have to work.
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    We deliver, rain snow sleet or .... except on holidays.
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    I'll be there too,if you see a guy in a grey kayak that's me.