Anybody fished Long Lake by Republic?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by nwtroutguy, May 30, 2011.

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    Looking to go there with the wife in the next couple of weeks. I care more about having a nice time and the scenery and the fishing will be a bonus. Anyone have any info or patterns, experiences etc they can pass along? Or maybe recommend a better lake in the area?

  2. jessejames Flyslinger

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    There is another thread in this section asking the same question also.
    I have fished Long it is a beautiful little lake. The last time I was there was a couple of years ago. We had a great time catching Cutthroat trout. The lake is cold and if your into catching and eating a few fish they taste great.
    The campground is cut out of dense timber and is very shady, We were there in May and a little more sun would have been nice.
    I have a 20" travel trailer and some of the spots would have been pretty tight but there were spaces that were big enough.
    It was a good experience.
    Enjoy yourself.
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    This is a great lake with normally quiet camp ground, fly fishing only but allow possesion of 5 fish limits. Majority of people fish Swan, another good lake but gets a lot more pressure with more campers. Ferry is close by and can also be good, you'll have a family of loons for compny.
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    John, did you make this trip yet? I am going over for a 4 day trip, leaving in the morning. Funny that I had a thread on here 2 weeks ago asking about the same lake. ( It's Chris... I am the guy in Seattle with the FL 12) Whoo Hoo! Road trip in just 6 hours!