anyone available to fish sky tomrrow?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. who wanna feesh the sky tomorrow?
  2. I was thinking about going. Either that or the Stilly.
  3. stilly hmmmmm I just gotta be back in Kirkland for work at 4
  4. Only reason I say Stilly is because I have researching the heck out of both rivers. I have been able to fine tons more info on the stilly as far as access, and holes than I have the Sky
  5. I know some holes on the sky, however I fished the stilly quite a bit last year and the flows seems a little more workable than the sky right now, I just question the clarity below deer creek.
  6. That is also what looked good to me on the Stilly as well.
  7. I am actually heading out there today to go scope some things out.
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  8. let me know the coloring, I know quite a bit of access as you have stated as well
  9. Stilly looks good as of 4 pm
  10. Stilly looks just fine.
  11. Stilly it is
  12. have fun
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  13. What time? I gotta drop someone off at SeaTac early in the AM but might be able to make it out there mid morning.
  14. I'm leaving at 0530 and will fish till about 130 or 2 I have to work in Kirkland at 4
  15. I will be heading to the stilly around 7am. Time to catch some zzzs
  16. How was it
  17. I wasn't able to make it, was stuck in the s curves in Renton coming back from the airport for a good hour this morning. Next time you guys go let me know
  18. I am going tomorrow.
  19. Pm me if you want.
  20. Heading to the sky on monday to see if I can slap some steel around. Being that I have not been in that river for almost 5 years...I'm guessing I'll somehow get a bass or or a humpback whale. Just the kinda luck I have.


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