Anyone been to Lenore or Lenice lately?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Denny, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. I have a kitchen pass from the wife for this weekend, and am considering running over to Lenore. Does anyone have an update for me? Or maybe Lenice? Or . . . ?


  2. Lots of weekend activity on Lenore, mainly north end with lots of snagging and accidental foul hooking going on. Spawners milling around pretty thick, definitely not "quality" fishing. Hog line has been well attended!!
  3. "Hog line has been well attended!!"

    What does that mean?:dunno
  4. Hog Line!!!

    That's the crew lined shoulder to shoulder in a few feet of water on the north end harassing the spawners that cruise the shallows. You can fair catch fish here with chironomids, etc. using floating lines, but too many like to use a slow sink with a twitch, foul hooking far more than hooked in the mouth. Really not a pretty sight or very sporting, considering the condition of the fish. It is possible to get some quality fish in the deeper water, although during March and April most of those caught are pretty sluggish due to their condition. This is not intended to insult or cause any hard feelings, just an opinion after observing this fishery for 20 plus years. For quality fishing there are a lot of other lakes available, and later in the season Lenore can be awesome. It has made a healthy comeback after the die off of '98 or '99.
  5. Hog Line!!!

    Thanks for the response, comments, and observations. For some reason, I had/have always thought of the Lenore spawning ritual to start in late April and go on through May. I was hoping to maybe hit the water pre-spawn, and before the knuckleheads-snagging-lovelorn-trout time
  6. Hog Line!!!

    Hi Richard:
    It's in full swing, the spawning channel has been full of fish for about 3 weeks now, the game dept. should be collecting eggs any time now. Last year they collected first week in April.
  7. Hog Line!!!

    This is the picture I tried to send, hopefully it will come through.
  8. Hog Line!!!

    What time of year do you fish Lenore and where? I don't expect you to answer here on the forum, but I've recently moved to Ephrata, so if you're ever looking for a fishing partner, send me a message. I've sort of avoided Lenore because it seems like the only time you can predictably find groups of those cutts is during the spawn, when they crowd into that Northern bay. The rest of the lake just seems too big, unless you want to troll with an electric motor!

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