Anyone been up to Lone?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jeff Cheng, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone,
    My dad's never been fly fishing. I was thinking of taking him up to lone sometime this weekend since I've had good fishing up there in January.

    Any reports or tips?


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  2. Here's a stale report from earlier this month: slow, slow, and slower. Ira and I put 5 fish in the boat for 6 hours of effort. Micro leeches under indicators. Fish were spread out.
  3. I fished it a couple weeks back and it was pretty good. Not super huge numbers but steady action for a bit then would slow. I'm planning on going Thursday or Friday, so I'll have more current info then.
  4. Thanks for the reports. I'm sorta surprised it hasn't been fishing too hot. But I guess it's also fishing.

    Islander, good luck later this week. Looking forward to the report :)
  5. I fished it a week ago for a couple of hours...sloooooow. I saw one fish rise and had no hits.

    When I arrived the in the afternoon, three boats were packing up after most of the day on the water...all three guys got skunked.
  6. fished it saturday. 6 takes, 4 fish on a greeny meany. full sink slow retrieve.
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  7. Fished it Super Bowl Sunday for a few hours late morning. 4 solid grabs with 2 two in the net; other two broke my leader/tippet knot..dang. Fish in net using my winter fly swap black/red head blood leech.
    Really healthy fish for mid winter.
  8. Superbowl Sunday?
  9. Ha, ha, you can tell where my mind is now.
    Should have been the Hawks going to Super Bowl Sunday. (Division championship.)
  10. Thanks for all the updates!
    Sounds like Lone didnt heat up (fishing wise) like it has for me the last few years.

    The more i've been talking to people, it looks like pass would be a much better option this weekend, even though I've never been up there.
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  11. Just had a call from a Lone Lake regular. He's been there most of the day with only two fish to hand. He wanted to know what chronies to try. I'm sure he will respond with a report.

    Couple of others on the lake.

  12. My info is pretty much the same as everyone else. Fished today from around 10 to 4. Picked up two in the morning on a sinking line with the camo carey. After that it was dead. Try various techniques with no success. A few others on the water but only saw 3 other fish brought in. No hits on the chronies Scott.
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  13. Ditto. I was in the green pram; fished 9-noonish. One in the net but three other solid grabs I missed using black/red leeches. After around 10:30-11 nothing.
  14. It has been a doozy of a lake in the winter the last couple of years for me. I've also experienced some great winter days, but my last couple of times out in the cold have been slow (no skunks, knock on wood) but super tough. Now early summer on the other hand!
  15. Went out yesterday to have a look. I like Lone when it's like this. These are some of the nicest rainbows on the west side (that everyone generally knows of) and are best when hard earned. Probably not a popular sentiment, I know.

    Make time of day your first priority, then location of your fly. In both cases there's no rocket science; just stick to the plan, bring an armload of patience and pray hard if you're religious.

    See Steve's and other posts, morning hours are critical. My advice is get in and start in the dark (6:00 ferry from over here), and also fish really hard between 9:00 and 11:00. My first came within minutes of putting in and the lights weren't on yet. They'll stir at first light, short lived but it's worthwhile to fish this little window. Most strikes came mid to late morning and by lunch it was tough. After a slow afternoon the last 30 minutes of light produced another stir with fish visible on the surface. No guarantees and everything is taking patience and work, but getting the timing part right will allow for best odds.

    Location-wise, vertical or drop and drag, pick your poison but it needs to be near the bottom. I don't think they much care what fly you offer but you have to cross paths. IMO, with no concentration and so little activity the lake floor was best covered by staying in motion. Not my favorite method but a Type V and weighted leech trolled low and slow was drawing strikes when nothing else worked (zero strikes on the retrieve, everything hit right off the bottom). At Lone it's easy, there's not a lot of depth variation out there, 15 ft for most of it. The only trick with trolling near bottom is making sure you're down enough. Simply start with a lot of line out, maybe 20 pulls but it depends on your gear. You want to be hitting grass at first, then keep adjusting up until you're just above it and your fly is staying clean. For me it's casting length plus another 3 or 4 pulls (probably 16 or so using a Type V). I spent most of the time trolling and stripping up every 150 yds or so. That occasional strip is usually a good way to draw a chaser but you also want to check your fly that often (if you're me you'll hang your own fly up every few throws...I'm not a great caster). Trolling seems overly simple, but some of those little tips will make the difference between getting hits and getting blanked. Right now at Lone, if you're not finding any takes you're not deep enough. And remember it's just a field covered in water and the depth part of the equation is largely solved.

    Also saw a few guys working against shore. Couldn't tell if it produced but someone else might be able to chime in.

    Hope that's useful. Overall I wouldn't expect big numbers but I can't find any fault with having to work for nice fish. Lone is at its best when "dead" and I only wish we had more opportunities like that.
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  16. Tim,
    Thanks for taking time to give a few tips on Lone. I was actually planning on heading that way later this morning. (after an appointment I have to keep) I'm thinking that the impending weather change later today may spark them a bit. I may decide to hold off and go later and catch late afternoon/dusk action.
    One thing, I can't remember, do they close a gate at dusk? I just hope I can stay awake until then, another sleepless night due to meds. Did someone say "can you nap in a pram"?
  17. No gate is closed.
  18. Thanks Ira, good to know. I haven't been over there for a while. Probably won't make it today.
  19. I think Ira meant " no gate to close!" And yes...I can take a nap in my pram.
  20. There is no gate, but you are suppose to vacate the parking area at dusk. That being said, I've launched before sun rise (back in the days when I got up early) and have fished a little past dark, especially in the spring and fall. I've never had a problem with anyone telling me I had to leave. I think the "dusk" regulation is mostly to keep folks from late night parties or camping out.

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