Anyone been up to Lone?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jeff Cheng, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Picked up my fish right off the bottom the last couple weeks. Pretty much just as Tim described. Very slow. Nice looking healthy fish. Bright chartreuse fly ;-)

    Fished leeches under an indicator today and had takedowns but no fish. Jig hooks...hmmm
  2. Jeff what was the water temp and how clear
  3. The water temp was cccccoooooolllldddddd and the ice was cccccllllleeeeaaaarrrrr!!!!!!
  4. Lue, never got a chance to make it up there. :(
    Things with work and family got too busy. I did make a quick run out to Green Lake since it was close for 2.5 hours. Never fished there before and got skunked on Friday.

    Really in need of some fishing time on the lakes. Haven't been out much. Haven't been up to Lone since last year this time. Never been to Pass.

    At this point, i'm starting to prepare things ready to take a bunch of church kids out to catch planters, once Beaver, Pine, Cottage, and Boren get stocked.

    If anyone is going anywhere fun, let me know! I'll plan for it and then maybe I can get out of doing other things because it's not just me haha :)
  5. 41 near the surface on Saturday. Tough going with hits on the bottom or near shore early. Nice fish, just taking a lot of work and patience to draw. Also tough because it's taking 2-3 strikes to get a decent hookset..
  6. Been having that problem too at another lake last weekend and I am loud because you hear me using my Fish whispering technique it's like Hog calling
  7. Lue if you weren't loud I'd have to find something else to pick on you for..
  8. Shoot me a PM Tim, I'll give you a bunch of ammo for Lue....haha!
  9. Steve almost everyone likes a little ass but nobody likes a wise ass Ha Ha Heh Heh
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  10. I guess you never dated any hot teachers in your day.
  11. Any reports this past week? Might try it or Pass this weekend.

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