Anyone care to join in a bit of "wild steelhead on the menu" fun?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Burck, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. No response to my previous email. A phone call today resulted in a rather terse response of "we have changed our menu, thank you". As I look at it now it is Washington Steelhead, not Washington Wild Steelhead. Follow up email en route as to the source of this Washington Steelhead (no longer listed as Wild). Smoke and Mirrors or are they only serving pen raised or hatchery fish now? I don't know. Anyone else know?
  2. call the reservations # and ask what "specials" they have.........then decline a reservation.......
    if we jammed the line from 4-6pm every day for a few days that also might get their attention.
    mccormick is a corporate type restuarant vs Ray's independent operation, thus, a different approach may be necessary to get results.
  3. I'll have to do that, too bad they are in portland, a group of us could go in get a table, and when we see wild steelhead on the menu politely walk out. This is going to be my policy when I go out to eat.
  4. I just called to make a reservation, when I asked about their specials she hummed and hawed then told me about the dungeness crab. When I asked about the wild steelhead on the menu, she just said it was washington steelhead, there was no manager available to speak with for further answers to my questions
  5. No reply. The next step should be publishing a list of on-complying businesses, but Ii don't pretend to know how to best present the issue to consumers.
  6. Evan, as I'm sure you know, Wild Columbia River Steelhead are listed as endangered and are much worse off than the OP stocks. The last thing we need is for consumers to start thinking that the Columbia River wild steelhead stocks are healthy enough to consume. I want those net pen triploids marketed as trout, not steelhead, though getting a law to change that will be uphill battle against fishagribusiness.

    Here is the Pacific Aqualculture (a div. of Pacific Seafood) website; they describe the Rufus Woods Net Pens as a "Steelhead Farm" where they raise 'Steelhead". I bet that their customers don't know that they are buying genetically modified triploid trout!

    Steelhead is a game fish and can only be sold by treaty fisherman and Pacific Seafood does not appear to be a tribal business. Selling a game fish is a WDFW violation so why would someone falsely label a fish that is illegal to be sold (in WA), except "Columbia River Steelhead" sounds better than "Columbia River Mutant Trout raised in a net pen and fed on fish pellets". Pacific Sea Food is an OR business but their farm, Pacific Aquaculture, is located in WA so I'm hoping WDFW can do something about it. Maybe letters to Frank Dulcich, president of Pacific Seafood, are in order.
  7. E-mailed is amazing how ignorant people are on the steelhead issue
  8. This is grass roots activism, friends, and it works. Email sent, no response received. It usually doesn't take long for these folks to get the message.

    Thanks for lighting them up on this.
  9. Thanks for the list Evan. I'll be sending out e-mails.
  10. I sent the e-mail on accident to the Bellevue store not the portland one. I received a prompt response where they said they would not sell a non-sustainable fish which is why they only sell "Columbia river pen steelhead".
  11. I think this battle should be waged against the tribes, not some poor restauranteur. The bottom line is that they are going to net the fish even if there is no market for human consumption.
  12. Educate the buyers and convince them the practice is unsustainable and maybe the demand for this depressed stock fish will drop out of sight. Although, Benjy, a multi pronged approach at total reduction in harvest of wild steelhead would certainly be a good thing. Dropping the legal retention of one wild fish per year on the OP rivers that still allow it is a step. Convincing restaurants not to buy wild steelhead is another. Getting the Tribal Co-Managers onboard with sustainable harvest techniques that require all hatchery fish to be fin clipped and to harvest in wild fish release methods like the Colville Tribe has been using the past couple of years would also be a nice step forward. Of course there is habitat restoration, riprarian zone protection, reduced logging that results in more soil washing into the rivers and compromising the river beds would also help. Starting the steps is better than not starting the steps, no?
  13. Nice job Evan. I sent them an email too.

    There is no current proposal available to pursuade the QIN to stop harvesting their legally entitled share of native steelhead. Maybe that can change in the future when a different set of circumstances arise.

    I'm a firm believer in supply and demand economics. The more we educate (or shame) restaurants, fish-buyers and the consuming public about the non-sustainability of these stocks, the more we depress demand, which will lower the value of those fish. At some point it becomes pointless for the tribes to net fish which aren't worth it anymore and there will be less harvest because of it.

    This is a useful tool in the battle. . .good on Evan for putting it out there. As you can see by the number of responses in this thread, there is ample interest in this topic. Now we just need more targets! Keep em coming. Let's reduce the demand and bankrupt those fuckers,

  14. I don't know who to blame. The restaurants, I refused to eat pen raised salmon 20+ years ago even though it was considered unsustainable because ocean stocks were being delpleted. They just plain tasted bad. This past summer "Wind Song Fisheries" was selling stealhead for $2 per pound outside the Costco on 138th Ave. in Portland. There were both hatch and wild stock. I asked the native about this and he said it was his right. The courts agree. My opinion is that we have a major political problem that has created this cunumdrum. The average person just does not care. I went to Jakes, sat down, asked about the menue item "stealhead" and then left because they could not give a satisfactory answer. I don't blame the restaurant because they do not know. However, it is ok to help educate them. Let's keep up the good work and help educate "them".
  15. It is a predicament. . .farm-raised fish are a plague and many wild stocks are non-sustainable. I just don't buy fish anymore. . . only eat the factory models that I harvest. . .at least I know where they come from. Aiming for the least of available evils I reckon,


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