Anyone care to recommend a good pointing dog trainer?

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  1. I've owned pointing dogs for many years. I've, for the most part, trained them myself; and guided hunts at several shooting preserves in VA as an undergrad and through grad school. All that said, I find myself w/ a very nice 18 month old German Wirehaired Pointer, and a work situation which will not permit me to put in the time necessary to get him started: standing birds solidly. Can anyone recommend a good trainer who can get the dog well started? I can finish him. I live in Olympia, but don't mind spending the day driving to a good, honest, experienced, trainer. Any input - name, location, approximate cost per month - is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Dan, Rick Todd (Bham) has his setter in Cheney as we speak. Shoot him a pm.
  3. I had really good success with Cooke Canyon Hunt Club in Ellensburg. I sent up a rescued Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and in a month picked up a dog that would point, hold on flush (some times) and retrieve dead birds. Now that I know he has the under pinnings it is up to me to provide the experience. Good luck.

    There's a reason Dan has dogs flying in from everywhere in the country to him

    He's based out of Four Lakes, Wa.....right next to Cheney near Spokane

  5. x2 Good people there and experienced trainers
  6. We have two excellent trainers here in Spokane County.
    As Jmills81 said, Dan at Dunfur kennels is one, the other is Penny Jo Wagner out on Coulee Hite Rd. northeast of where Dan lives.
    I have heard nothing but good things about each trainer. I bought my GSP Jake, from Dan at Dunfur kennels and Penny Jo was who I picked to train him. I would guess you're looking at 600.00 a month for a quality trainer. Both of these folks are quality trainers.
    At the end of Jake's 2nd season he really has no flaws. Dan sold me a great pup, Penny Jo did a great job training him and, best of all I hunt him about 3 days a week from the 1st. of October till the end of January. I've had bird dogs my whole life and I've never had a dog this good at this age. If Penny Jo is still training dogs when I get my next pup, she will train him, if she's retired, Dan gets the pup, I know I can't go wrong either way.
  7. How many months should one expect to have a dog in training?
  8. I had my setter with Dan for 5 weeks. She is one year old and he really got her obedient (an amazing transformation!) and she was already super birdy, but she was pointing very well after the 5 weeks. She needs another 6 weeks or so to be steady to wing and shot, but I just returned from the pheasant opener in Montana and she pointed and retrieved all 9 of my birds and several for other guys in the party. I'm very pleased with Dan Hoke's training. It was $650 a month for training. Rick

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