Anyone else just crazy obsesed with smallmouth bass?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Jason Wood, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Christ, I can't stop thinking about flyrodding for smallmouth bass. It's so damn fun. I'm loooking into cheaper digital cameras so I can start taking pics of caught bass. Anyone else afflicted with the sickness? Thoughts? Spots? Flies? Anything?
  2. I too am bitten with the smallie bug! There is nothing cooler than a huge smallie or LM hitting a hair bug on the topwater! Love it!:thumb:
  3. if only I lived in the lower 48... THen I could obsess about bass too
  4. I am trying to be.....but I have caught zero smallmouth bass. I fish lake sammamish alot (live close by), and I catch zero bass. I see alot of bass fisherman in there and I follow them around and fish where they do. Does any flyfisherman do well in this lake??
  5. My only luck on Sammamish (with the long rod) has been at the north end around all the pilings. It's shallow enough for topwater presentation. The catch is public access. If you don't have a 200HP 20' Ranger bassboat to motor up there, the closest you can get for access is Idylwood Park. I've launched from there in my kayak and it's only a few minutes away. But the fishing has been pretty consistent for me; large poppers, deer hair, even the big foam salmon flies.
  6. No.
    I do suffer from other piscatorial addictions and when introduced to some serious small or large mouth action I'll be hooked on that too.
  7. I fished hard for smallmouths for years in Virginia when I lived in North Carolina at Camp Lejeune for 8 years. The Shenandoah and it's forks, the St. Johns, the Potomac (with a spey rod, and people used to look at me like I was crazy, this is 1990s) and a bunch of other rivers. I really came to respect this fish, so much so that it still sits comfortably in my top 5 favorites I have ever fished for. You can hunt them with trout tactics, they will key on hatches, and of course streamer and popper fishing when times are right. They jump, they run, they bulldog, and they take no quarter. They will take a largemouth out behind the wood shed and kick the shit out of him. Sometimes I think Ray Scott got the wrong species as his focal point with his bass tournament crap. Pound for pound they fight as hard as anything in North American waters. I guess I'm not crazy obsessed with them anymore, but I will be hiking into a creek right off the Pali Highway and chasing the little bastards tomorrow. Yes, we do have smallies on Oahu and the world here is a better place because of it.:D The Coach
  8. But, but you are in heaven!
  9. I wish to heck there were more of you smallmouth loving bastages so that more of you would stay off the trout and steelhead waters. :rofl:
  10. I would love to hit the lower Yak in April and May for a shot at some smallies; some of the best action in the country from what I understand!
  11. Yeah, it can be just OK or really good depending on water conditions and "run timing". Most of the flyshops in Ellensburg run trips to the lower Yakima (Worley Bugger is one). Sometimes June can be good too.
  12. I'm already planning my spring trip to the lower Yak.
  13. The lower Yak is good. Try the Snake and it's tribs in spring just before blow out when those little monsters are eating smolt like popcorn. We used to kill em in the mouth of more than one "steelhead" river. The mainstem Snake and alot of the Columbia and it's tribs are fantastic. Duffer
  14. I've fish them a little...and had some limited success at places like O'Sullivan Res., Chelan Falls, Banks Lk. Have not chased them more due to lack of knowledge, I guess. Don't want to waste a day looking for them if I'm uncertain that I'll find em...when I know where the trout can be had in my favorite waters. Agree that they are a butt-kicking fish on the fly.
    One river I'd like to learn about is the Okanogan. I remember a guide telling me years ago that he regularly fished the Riverside area and did well. I know he was working the water before and after runoff....but I'm not sure about fall season. Anybody know if you could expect to catch fish in the mid-upper Okanogan in fall?...or do these fish drop down to the lower river (and the Columbia) after summer?
  15. I was when I lived in PA. You've gotta love aggressive fish. Anything Clouser or Murray works.
  16. To Alaska Powder Monkey... I am a recent relocate to Western Washington from Alaska. I live in a community with a private lake with LM bass, trout, perch, crappie and carp. Although it's handy, it' not Alaska. Enjoy where you are. You may find yourself having to move south and you'll be missing what you had..... Like me.
  18. Well, there is my reference to the "steelhead" river coming full circle. Duffer
  19. Hell yeah ants! Dry fly takes are what makes fishing so exciting to me in the first place!
  20. Yeah they are pretty much the best...if I had to pick a "spot" for smallies in WA, I would say the Ronde or the Snake are two of your best bets - at least on foot. With boat access, there are better places.

    Flies - I have caught them on a lot of different patterns, they really dont seem to be that picky if you can get the fly in front of them. All flies mentioned by the other guys here work for me, but I can tell you last year on the Ronde I used a chartruese sparkle grub (here is one in pearl, which would work as well - Great pattern to flick out into the current and jig/swim above the riprap...I caught about 15-20 in an hour or so. I suppose my favorite smallie pattern has to be Luke's Flippin' Fly...tied by a friend of mine: (see pic at bottom of page). Has everything a bass fly should, rattle, flash, bunny, rubber legs, oversized hook/head/eyes, and rides weedless - point up. Can be fished any way you want, though he created it to literally flip it at structure (like docks, pads, rock walls) like the guys on the BASS shows do with a spinnerbait on tv. It works, trust me. Caught my largest smallie this year in VA on that fly - 21 inch female.

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