Anyone Ever Caught a Sea Cucumber?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by South Sound, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. So we were fishing for blackmouth and I was down deep, then can the feel of pressure, so I started reeling, then stopped and the sea cucumber pulled (read: Gravity) back down toward the bottome. When I got this fighter up it was huge, well at least bigger than some trout I have caught. What a mind screw.

  2. Caught a bunch of them trawling off of meadow point, along with skates, sole, flounder, sculpins, seastars, ratfish, crabs and more... Theres a lot down there...but I've never caught any of it...
  3. yeah i have hooked a couple sea "creatures" while downriggin. Cucumbers are always weird. Also the big anenamies(sp)... when i fish this time of year from the beach i find that the blackmouth will come a long ways to take a fly... like fishing a popper so it gives off more commotion.
    I hooked and landed a starfish one time, but that was fishing in CA for perch.
  4. I don't think you really "hook" that stuff, "inadvertently snag while dredging" is more like it...........I prefer to use the scientific name of "Sea Schlong".

    be careful, the people at Washington Sea Cucumbers will come unglued if they read this post
  5. I caught on along time ago gear fishing for salmon. Last week I caught a sea star, while fishing for cutthroat. I had a knot in my fly line and when I finished fixing it, I came up with the sea star.
  6. That's crazy talk mingo, I've had sea schlongers come up and take poppers on the surface. If you're lucky you'll catch a double ended cucumber. Talk about a lot of fun!! :eek:
  7. No cucumbers, but I did catch a clam in California last weekend. It had actually latched around the hook bend and was sucking the metal into its mouth-hole-thing.
  8. Where is this thread going....:eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. When I was a kid fishing off Normandy Park, occasionally we'd snag some weird looking bright orange 'schlongy' thing off the bottom. I always wondered what those were. Is that a sea cucumber?
  10. Snag. No I caught it as fair as most fisherman catch salmon in rivers. "OH YEAH RIGHT IN THE MOUTH. FAIR HOOK" Yeah right.
  11. Thank you, Curt. After I posted, I thought about the fact that many years ago someone once mentioned that they might be sea pens. Thanks for confirming that---I've wondered about that occasionally for almost 40 years. :D

  12. Sea cucumber Sashimi... Yummy!
  13. I've only ever eaten it cooked but I agree, it is great. Kinda like scallops.

  14. Just pulled this off Wikipedia...doesn't sound so great in writing!!

    "The flesh of the animal is "cleaned" in a process that takes several days. It is often purchased dried, and rehydrated before use. The product is used in Chinese stews and braised dishes due to its gelatinous texture but is unappetising on its own. In Japanese cuisine, Konowata is made of cured sea cucumber entrails which are extracted, salted, and cured. It is considered a major delicacy in Far East countries such as China, Japan, and Indonesia.":hmmm:
  15. I caught a Hermit Crab last week, I don't know if that counts for anything!!!

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