Anyone Fish Pass Lake Recently?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by PeteM, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. I'm heading up there tomorrow with a friend. I was wondering if anyone has fished it recently and what their experience was.

  2. Where you been hiding at?????????

  3. Fished pass yesterday from 2:00 to dark. Cold and somewhat slow. Fish were hit and miss in the shallows chasing minnows. Still cant get the stripping pattern down but managed to hook a couple. Saw 4 others fishing and only two other hookups that i saw. fish seemed to be cruising in packs for the shinners.
    any tips on stripping patterns?

    good luck.
  4. No experience with Pass Lake, but everything I've ever heard about stripping (other than completely unreliable advice from kinda dirty ex-girlfriend) is to vary the retrieve speed. And generally to slow it down, rather than speed it up.
  5. I have been fishing pass every other day for two plus weeks because of a blown up knee. Every day i fish streamers to trout crashing fatheads and have had at least five fish a day.I have mostly been using a looooong slow strip and change patterns often to keep the feeders from getting weary.these are smart trout and a long soft cast is very important. the fishing has been great my best day was in the low20's
  6. I fished Pass yesterday. There are a ton of baitfish lingering in the shallows with Rainbows and browns crashing into them consistently. Most of the activity is along the north shoreline. Long casts with a baitfish pattern worked best. We saw a lot of fish swirling but had only periodic hookups. Frustrating fishing as we know there are a lot of fish feeding but couldn't convince them to hit our patterns often enough (too many baitfish to feed on?) In 6 hours of fishing, we had 5 to hand and some misses (16"-18").

    Jim, I have been swamped at work and haven't been fishing much. I've hit Lk. Roesiger a few time lately but they have been short 1 - 2 hour stints. Have you gotten out much?

    Speyforsteel, were you the one in the gray pontoon?

  7. Yes that was me. I wanted to work my secret spot but there were too many eyes on the lake so I parked at the point and waited for fresh feeders.
  8. Good thing you did. I was one of those sets of eyes and I love secret spots... ;-) You appeared to have a good day.

    My friend and I brought our fish finders as we had never used them at Pass before. We covered most of the lake and were only seeing consistent fish in the areas you seemed to be familiar with. I'm anxious to get back up there again.

    How was the fishing at nightfall? We left about an hour before it got dark.

  9. I had a very good day. I always stay until dark and there is a fairly consistant bite just before dark. After that a billion minnows come out and before you know it the fish are crashing behind you. on a fish finder you will see clouds of bait so thick that your fish finder will show two feet deep with ten feet of water below you.It's kind of shocking to see it happen all at once.
  10. :rofl: You are kidding right? A secret spot on Pass Lake?:rofl:
  11. Yeah, just like a secret spot on the Yakima river.

  12. Wait a minute! :eek: You mean someone knows about my secret spot on the Yakima? How could that be?!

  13. Well they aren't really secrets, but how many people do you see row right by good spots? Half or more of those fishing pass don't even fish the point! How many know where the springs are? All the pass secrets are free for the discovery, but knowing where a rock outcropping is or where a submerged weedbed lies will sure give you more hookups. I've fished pass for 15 years and still stumble on something new on occassion. Back several years ago someone even kept a boat chained and pulled up in the woods right where the road first comes close to the lake. Nice sandy little launch there. Only stumbled on it because i was too lazy to launch my tube and kick up the lake. ;)
  14. That is funny stuff! A secret spot at Pass Lake........ Don't let anybody see you there! It might give it away! Bahhahaahaa. I am guessing you have secret spot at Lone Lake too!
  15. Well i just got back from the thompson pass lake here i come. it is true that there is no true secrets on pass but i found my glory hole by observing a old duff that cherry picked his way across the lake on a uncrowded day and I have only seen one other person fish it since. By the way are you talking about the spring by the :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  16. there's a map with all three or four on it. there's also some rocky spots you will only see when the water is unusually clear. crayfish up to 4 inches hang around there. saw one and actually hooked one! since the whole north end is about the same depth knowing where the weed bed lie is key. most just fish the shore....... say what you like about secrets but some consistently catch more fish on the same black or green woolies and similar tactics.
  17. I fully agree Tony. I grew up near the lake. In high school, I would help an old man load his boat a couple times a week. He would consistently outfish everyone I saw on the lake. There are techniques that work given the time of year and what's hatching, etc. The more knowledge the better. That old man knew his stuff and it paid off.


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