Anyone fished Ucluelet, Barkely Sound?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by yellowlab, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. I am toying with the idea of making the trek up there in a couple of weeks. I've heard the fishing has been white hot, with many 15 lb Coho and 20-30 lb Kings the norm. Anyone have some intel or would like to share some experiences?
  2. I have been to Tofino a couple of times, went out with weigh west. They have a hotel there thats right on the water and the boats you fish out of are right in front of the hotel. We bucktailed quite often and caught a good number of coho this way. The fishing was decent but not good enough to go back again. We went out in fly boats that they had, about 18 feet in length so you could fit a couple casters. We did this for two days, and the fishing was very slow, with us being the only boat to catch a fish both days. The day before we went out in the fly boats they did very well on coho. The setup at the hotel was very nice and theres a restaurant that can cook your fish for you. Its also very close to town if you need anything. If your getting reports like that i would go up. It would be very fun if there are a lot of fish around.
  3. I would tow my boat up, camp and fish from dawn to dusk and then some. It would be a combo of trolling with gear for BIG kings for the deep freeze and bucktailing and free casting for Coho on the top water with fly gear. Damn, why does my mouth water when I talk about fishing?
  4. Hi guys,

    I went to Tofino for the first time last week, and fished 3 days up there with my 16 year old son. We stayed at Weigh West, and had an awesome time. First day we went out on one of their fly fishing boats, and did a combination of bucktailing, and I did some casting around the kelp beds, all close in. My son landed 5 coho and I landed 4, between us we lost another 3 or 4. Average size of the coho were maybe 10-11 pounds, really nice fish. I battled and lost one larger coho that looked to be 13-15 lbs. Fished all day, maybe 7:30 to 5:00pm, great fun.

    Next day we went out with Graeme Alexander on his boat. We fished with downriggers, and brought at least 30 fish to the boat between my son and I. Largest was a 23 lb king, and several others in the 15 plus range. Went in closer to shore to fish for coho, and I landed a 17 lb fish that put up an awesome fight. Tied for the largest coho of the season, until the next day when a guy landed one 18 lbs! We did all of this in 6 hours, back at the dock by about 12:30.

    Fished with Graeme again the third day, and stayed out longer, until about 3:30. Again brought at least 30 fish to the boat, kept two and released the rest. This did not count the fish we lost (maybe 4 or 5), or the shakers. Largest fish of the day was a 25 lb king on the downrigger. Graeme was awesome to fish with, and very accomodating. We switched back to fly fishing for a good portion of the day, and my son caught two bucktailing, both 11lbs or maybe a bit more, and they took all of this fly line and was well into the backing.

    He is still working on his casting (as am I!), so the bucktailing was a great way for him to get so many coho on a fly rod. Graeme did say this was by far the best coho year they have had in a while. If you have a chance, go as soon as you can. Graeme used to run the fly fishing part of their operation, and is way into fly fishing himself, and I learned a lot from him.

    Best fishing trip I have gone on, and I thought a really good value for the package we had.

  5. This is the year to go. The past few years have been terrible, but the fishing is incredible right now. I fished it Thurs-Saturday and caught many, many coho the largest was right at 14lbs...all on flies. My friends stayed a couple of extra days and yesterday they got a 20lb:eek: coho. Oh yeah...they also landed a 30lb king on the fly. It was sick. I went in 05 and and I only caught a few coho, but I caught a few kings to 25lbs, which made it a special trip.
  6. Yup...that is all I needed to hear. OK, Im going to plan the trek up there. Its supposed to be just on fire right now and I would think as it gets later in the season the big Kings and the Ho's will come out to play. I'd love to stick 40+ lb King with the fly rod. Cool. Donte, do you have any pics you can share???????? Im dying to see these fish.
  7. I should have some pics tomorrow. My friends are heading back tonight (they took all of the photos), so they should send me the pics tomorrow or Wednesday and I will post them. I'm not sure how soon you plan on going, but the king fishing will get better and better in September.
  8. Indeed... right now Im targeting middle September for a few days, I could stay longer if its REALLY good.
  9. most of the fish, right now, are being caught outside. don't know how well your fly gear is going to work given where the fish are located at the moment. if you really want to fly fish, stick with the kelp beds, i mean right up against'um. if you are taking your own boat that will not be a problem. if you plan on hiring a guide, you had better get on it as they all are very busy right now given the size of the run this year. the longer you wait, the slower it is going to be as the majority of the action was on south bound fishes which are long gone. there are excellent web sites for B.C. with more information than you can imagine. good luck.
  10. If you want to know whats going on up there; browse the salt water forum on this board.

    Most of the US south bound fish (kings) are already past down the off shore highway, but there are still a lot of springs bound for Barkley Sound still being taken off Cree and out in front. Uke fishing this year has been on fire! Mid September will primarily be a coho show, but this years fish are huge.
  11. Well, maybe it's changed over the past three days, but we never ran outside to catch any fish. No need to with coho up to 20lbs inside. :thumb:
  12. Urbnfly is down with the sickness! You've got my vote for the most abundant fish porn of late! Looks like a trio of happy fishermen there for sure.
  13. I'd like to say that I'ts because I am a great angler, but that wouldn't be totally true. :rolleyes: I've been blessed to be at 'the right place at the right time' lately. That's what salt fishing is all about. It took absolutely no special skill to catch those fish. I hooked one while untangling a knot in my running line; another hit while the rod was just sitting in the holder; on another occasion I made a cast and before I began stripping the line I had a fish on. I would take credit for the flies that I tied, but since they were eating everything from 3" sandlance to 12" pilchard, flies didn't seem to matter too much. When the salt is on fire there is nothing better!
  14. Damn... I just got my buddies pics from his trip last week as well. Looks like a DAMN GOOD TIME. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Thanks GT, hope to get there in their 'off season' in search of the largest King up to 40+ lb and Coho 20+ lbs. Mid Sept. is my target now... sweet!

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