Anyone float the Queets lately?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by steel seeker, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. steel seeker

    steel seeker New Member

    Thinking about a lower drift from Hartzell to 101, anybody been in the area lately?
  2. Befishin

    Befishin Member

    Haven't floated it recently, but its never been productive for me and a fly rod. Walking down the Salmon River has been good for a couple of cutts.
  3. steel seeker

    steel seeker New Member

    Thanks, i'll be sure to fish the confluence and let you know how I do.
  4. Jim Kerr

    Jim Kerr Active Member

    I have not since the end of king season in November. The Salmon did not get a hatchery plant to return this year, and I believe the tribes are still netting 7 days a week, so, it can be a bit sparse..that said shouldn't be much of a crowd and there is some lovely water in there.
  5. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    ...netting 7 days a week...:confused:
  6. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    If you float all the way to Hwy 101 you'll be floating through a lot of reservation water that you cannot fish without a tribal guide. Most folks float Hartzel to the Clearwater bridge and take out, and even that tail end of the float is on the Quinault reservation.

  7. jagfish

    jagfish New Member

  8. jagfish

    jagfish New Member

    Salmo g is right about the end of the drift. They are netting hoh monday thru wed at noon and Quil and Quinault m-f but soon to be Monday thru Thur, no weekend netting. Reports from most of the coastal waters has been good this week, Quinault system and hoh probably the most fish...
  9. Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

    With no hatchery fish at that. Wipe those fish out...
  10. steel seeker

    steel seeker New Member

    It was a beautiful day. In short the water was perfect for the swing. I caught and released one nice bull trout of 17" and another of 15". There were a few other boats on the river but everyone practiced good river etiquette. Witnessed a gear guy (diver and bait or plug) hook up to what I assumed to be a giant native. The fish never got closer than 40 yards and eventually won the battle for freedom.
  11. steel seeker

    steel seeker New Member

    The WDFW site shows the netting schedule for the Queets and unless there is missing info. the nets were supposed to be pulled Nov. 23. I'm guessing there is a different schedule or no schedule at all on the Tribe web page?
  12. 0101tj

    0101tj Member

    Queets is my favorite river for swingin in WA
  13. OneMoreCast

    OneMoreCast Member

    The netting schedule you are after is here: Regs/queets commercial.pdf. In other words, Sun-Fri until they "scale back" to just Mon-Fri on Mar 4, except--of course--there are "freshet conditions" which impairs the potential success of a gillnet fishery; under such conditions additional day(s) will be added to the schedule.

    I actually support a tribal fishery in some capacity, but what they do on the Queets is inexcusable. I can't remember a day in my last 10 trips over the Queets via 101 when nets weren't strung bank-to-bank. That there are still fishable numbers of anything in the river is a testament to these great fish's ability to survive.
  14. steel seeker

    steel seeker New Member

    Wow, that's unfortunate to say the least. Are the numbers of fish killed recorded in some way? Where I'm going is that setting a quota pre-season and closing once the quota is met sounds reasonable to me.
  15. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member


    No quota. Just a fishing schedule. The Quinaults try hard to avoid a dangerous over-escapement.

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  16. Tom Palmer

    Tom Palmer Active Member

    OneMoreCast- thanks for sending the netting schedule. I have heard about the non-stop gill nets on the Queets... seeing this on paper just makes me sick.

    Anyone know the back story here... have complaints been filed before and there is nothing WDFW can do? I don't see how netting 6 days a week is permissible. Here is my guess:

    • Limited netting during Nov-December- this allows the hatchery steelhead heading to Indian-owned Salmon river (where they charge anglers to fish) to pass through the lower river.
    • Full scale netting Jan-April targeting wild fish.
    I'm guessing they are working the system and claiming all those hatchery fish heading straight for their creek as part of the escapement. They then take the vast majority of wild fish and then claim it evens out.

    Am I wrong in thinking this? If anyone has any details it would be much appreciated. I just started fishing the Queets and love the water in the park.
  17. OneMoreCast

    OneMoreCast Member

    Hi Tom,

    I am not sure that there is a back story on this. The netting schedule on the Queets is based on the Maximum Sustained Harvest (MSH) for the fishery. I do not know for sure (hey, this is the Internet--who does?), but I suspect that the schedule accounts for the Queets' size and propensity for flooding: the river is rarely fishable every day of the week due to high water conditions, so there may be built-in make-up days in the schedule.

    In terms of your broader comment, it seems that the Queets' does not garner the political attention that's seen on the Forks area rivers--whether that's because of its remoteness, fewer guides on the river, national park jurisdiction, et al is anyone's guess.

    Salmo G has about summed up everything I've seen in many years spent visiting the Queets: The Quinnault take MSH very seriously...

    On a more positive note, the Queets does have some more proactive and visible NPS enforcement rangers these days--I've been checked more times than not recently. Hopefully his/their presence will help cut down on the poaching and illegal guiding that was becoming too common.

  18. hydrological

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    whatever happened to good ol' haybales?

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