anyone floating the GR from Minam down in Winter?

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  1. Shapp

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    Heading out in a few weeks to make the drift barring any high flow events like we just had. Anyone getting out there this winter to make the drift and camp for a few days from Minam down? and get into some serious metalhead action
  2. Salmo_g

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    No thanks. In a few weeks I'm heading to Mexico for a brief winter respite. I like camping, but there's something about steady freezing weather that saps my enthusiasm. Oh yeah, I remembered; even cooked meals are still cold before I can finish eating them, and I tend to inhale food.

    Are you serious about "serious metalhead" action? These fish have been in freshwater since July. Seems like a mid-winter Sauk River bull trout would yield as serious of action as an interior February steelhead. But that's my take on it. Should be plenty of water for floating. Have a good trip.

  3. Shapp

    Shapp Active Member

    Already got my Maui trip in December

    No fun here (not my videos though):


    If you don't like sitting in the tipi with the sheep herder stove glowing, 20 miles down a roadless canyon, sippin a hot tottie after a day of several steelhead hookups, then I guess you can't be satisfied.
  4. powderglut

    powderglut My Kind Of Wave

    :thumb:I love that river!! Minam down to Wildcat, SWEET!! Untouched water for miles. Just make sure you bring the heavy pile long johns, that water is going to be way cold. Snowmelt from the Wallowa's.
    Goodluck! I'd love to hear a report when you get back.
  5. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    Can I come too? I'm booked for May, but that's a long time to wait. I got addicted to the Mexico thing last September.
  6. Shapp

    Shapp Active Member

    Fishing on the GR was not great, wallowa was better but we didn't really get to fish it due to the plethora of ATV riders that go down the railroad tracks, a lot more than when I fished it last in the winter several years ago. Should have launched on a Tues or Wed to get more fishing on the Wallowa below Minam. Found a sunk drift boat (sunk the day before) below sheep creek rapids. Yard sale down below. Picked up several dry bags, sleeping bags, and Ruger M77 Mark II .223 with leupold scope in good working order. Called the phone number on the bag, guys nearly drowned, no life jackets, hiked out to palmer junction, and lucky to be alive. Tried out the new tent with wood stove, which worked excellent. Pretty good weather, saw some big horns, about 150 elk, wild turkeys, white tails, mule deer, several eagles, some osprey. Also caught 1 bull trout about 16 inches long too.
  7. Derek Young

    Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide Of The Year

    That's one of my favorite floats, down to Troy, but I normally wait for July - yet last year the flows were 4800. Made for a quick trip.
  8. isaacfab

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    Great pics Shapp, I like the camp setup, did all that fit in one boat?!
  9. Shapp

    Shapp Active Member

    that all fit in one boat plus the three big dry bags full of stuff we got from the sunk drift boat yard sale. Still wern't overloaded. The pic of the boat alone is with the full load. 16' koffler
  10. BDD

    BDD Active Member

    Nice report and pics Shapp. That is some serious hardcore camping and fishing. Looks like you got enough good quality gear to make it pleasant.
  11. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like a great trip. Haven't done a multi dayer in a long time. People are usually surprised what you can pack down into a boat. Did the guys offer you a reward for returning thier gear at least? I sure hope they did.
  12. Shapp

    Shapp Active Member

    Dang get out there, usually do 4 to 6 multi-dayers a year. Going to do the Jarbidge-Bruneau next month for a kayak trip, and probably the East Fork Owyhee if the flows aren't going on the Jarbidge yet, then another lower owyhee trip in late May, then the whole grande ronde (hopefully from Reds Horse Ranch on the Minam all the way to Hellar Bar) probably in late June or early July, then a fly-in low water Selway Trip in early August. Then something in Septemberr and/or October.

    No reward yet - nor required, still got all the stuff until the guy figures out how he wants to pick it up. I can sympthasize, sunk and lost a boat and some gear in my younger days whitewater canoeing (including custom made fenwick flyrod a master rod builder friend of mine made for me for highschool graduation), more than likely will have something lost in the future. Kind of like driving in traffic around seattle, flying a bush plane in Alaska, the odds stack up after awhile if you're out there enough. However, I always wear my seat belt in the truck and my PFD in the boat! The key is being prepared with the correct gear and knowledge to deal with the un-expected.
  13. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    LOL Shapp. Ain't that easy anymore. Most of the crews I worked with have retired or moved out of state. Plus, when I have my week off, I'm usually base camped and just run river to river (usually Forks centered) and a few trips up to BC. But, have a buddy who's a bushpilot up in AK. One of these days I'll take one of my vacations and head up and meet him and do a multidayer with him.

    Just too many activities, not enough time to do them all. Multi day trips are on the backburner, especially whitewater related (since I can't just walk in and tell my boss "I got a multiday float trip next week, gonna be gone". LOL. Doesn't work that way at UPS unfortunately. One of the reasons I got out of working as the cargo boat for crews. Once I started driving kinda put the kabash on that. Damned responsibilities. ;)