Anyone fly fished California? for trout

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  1. Hey TE,

    What time of year will that brute be in the shallows on that lake sipping bugs, mice, muskrats or household animals? That is a bruiser.
  2. Most likely right now through April, and later in the Fall.
  3. Las Vegas. Willows Beach. Stripers over 30lbs. Yes please.
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  4. I lived in/around LA for 3 years before moving here. Most of the creeks are going to be pretty blown out right now (depending on the drought effect) but I've fished and done well on the Santa Ana's upper sections, Lytle Creek (MF and SF), deep creek and bear creek. Also, the Kern is not really all that far away from there. PM me if you need more details.
  5. About 1hr. from Modesto, Merced River above the lake(Briceburg to Foresta). Contact Jimmie @
    Ask him if the March Brown are on, can be very good if you hit it right. Should be on.
  6. I've heard the lower Stanislaus River is good for big rainbows. 2 hours from SF.
  7. ya i cant go farther then 1 hr away unfortuntley
    but thanks for the replies really appreciate it
  8. The lower Stan is good, it is just hard to fish. Below the reservoir (Tulloch) there are some steep cliffs on both sides and most of it is private property. We used to go out to Knights Ferry cliff diving and then put in at the bottom side of the park and float down to Oakdale. If you have a pontoon or raft it would give you some great fishing. For simple walk in fishing with chances to catch big rainbows, go to La Grange. You can park on either side of the bridge in La Grange and walk 30 seconds to the water. You can wade both sides of the river, but the side opposite from town is better. You can walk almost all the way to La Grange dam, but honestly the river just down river of the dam is best. Most of the time I was slinging a number 2 silver blue fox, but when I did use a fly rod, a dun or olive colored grasshopper was almost cheating. I grew up in Modesto and know most of the rivers/ponds/lakes in the area. I think I have PTSD from chasing hounds down into the Toulomne and Merced Canyons, those bastages are no joke. If you can get a day or two off, hit the Sierras! Cherry lake, Herring creek, the Clavey river (another canyon from hell, but worth it?) If you take 108 up through Oakdale and then split off onto 120 towards Yosemite, look for forest road 3NO1 and follow it towards Jawbone ridge, that road will take you past some awesome fishing and will pop you out on 108 above Sonora in Toulomne City.
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  9. i dont have a floator anything but ill remember for next time

    yellowlab03 have you heard of legg lakeĀ»?
  10. Nope, that place is like 8 hours from where I grew up.
  11. Surf perch down south, its a blast.
  12. Shoot these guys an email they know a bunch of guides and just opened a new shop in SO Cal
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  13. If your route is thru the sierra's north end to Vegas, check the regs for the East Walker below Bridgeport res.
  14. I live in Bakersfield and would second the suggestion of contacting Jimmie Morales (look up Yosemite Rivers Fly Shop if you want info, he owns it). He could hook you up when in Modesto. Water levels are bad this year, so "blown out" is not an issue. The Kern isn't fishing well right now (I saw someone mention that). Close to SF... I'd say the only thing within range would be Putah Creek for trout (I'm not sure of the regs) or Henry W. Coe State Park, but you'll need to hike or mountain bike at least a couple miles to the nearest lakes within the park (can't drive the dirt roads). In Southern CA, skip the Santa Ana River. It's a small creek right now and very low, fish are stressed (and small, smaller than the average size in any of the forks of the Snoqualmie). It's further than an hour from L.A. too. Your best bet would be fishing the surf when down in L.A. A 6 or 7wt with floating line is all you need (well, some surf flies too). Fisherman's Spot would be the shop to call down that way.

    The Lower Owens out of Bishop is on fire right now if you're willing to drive out of the way. You didn't specify your route so we're just throwing suggestions out there. If you need access to others that fish California, search "fly fishing addicts". I don't want to post a direct link because I don't know if it's against forum policy, but you can find specific help and likely others that will show you the surf and/or other locations as well.

    Keep in mind that CA has BIG cities with lots of people. "Within an hour" often means "trashed and devoid of any quality fish". If you need more specific help PM me.
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  15. ^ Forgot to mention that hopefully some of you might be able to be helpful for me. I am heading up to WA with my wife and kids for a week the last week of May. I know the regs are crazy and I'm coming at a bad time for runoff, but if anyone might be able to throw some suggestions out there for western WA or not to far from there I'd be appreciative. I am a catch and release fly fisherman that prefers smaller waters and lighter rods (2-4wt), but I'd also wouldn't mind chasing down some smallmouth if that's happening anywhere. We have them on the Kern here near Bakersfield but they rarely top 12". I am vaguely familiar with the waters in the area, fishing the forks of the Snoqualmie and some other local waters when I lived up there in Bellevue from 1999-2001. I know a lot has changed, so hopefully someone would be willing to help me out.
  16. The EW is really low this winter and the fish stressed from it. if you want info. The owner, David, just checked it out recently to see if conditions have turned for the better and they haven't. He's the guy you want on the Owens too. Guides from a wooden McKenzie drift boat and comes from Montana, so he'll focus you on wild fish and not the stocked areas like some of the other guides like to do. As a bonus, the third slide on his website is him and I with my 31" brown trout from a high elevation lake a few years back. My fish of a lifetime. I might as well stop fishing, I'll never get that lucky again.
  17. depending on what days your planing to go fishing an hour might be 15 miles in LA traffic. it would help to know your route. i lived in so cal my whole life and now i moved up here. being a local from down there i wouldnt even fish the lower santa ana river (by long beach). if you have the time take a detour up to silverwood lake right off the 15 (freeway to vegas) thats gonna be your closest one thats 1/2 decent. turners and bass pro shop (rancho cucamonga) are the 2 fishing shops that will have good info for you
  18. What is surf fishing isn't that salt water? I heard for saltwater I should get another reel is that correct? But wouldn't I have to cast out far to get some fish in the ocean?
    I'll go home and check where I'll be going in order thanks
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  19. if you surf fish your better off getting a cheap $20 spinner rod from walmart or big5 and using squid as bait, fish down there go nuts for it got a few halibit with squid. in california you dont need a fishing license as long as your fishing on a pier or a yetty that has water on both sides, cant have the beach on the other side of the section of the yetty your on. redondo beach pier is nice and isnt far of a drive from downtown LA. stay away from inglewood and compton crenshaw. if you cant leave la see if you can get a a charter for 1/2 day or 3/4 and you can go deep see fishing. be your best bet in the area if you cant get out far

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